Plaudits example sentences

Related (14): Applause, praise, acclamation, compliments, commendation, bouquets, cheers, congratulations, kudos, ovation, approval, approbation, encomiums, panegyrics.

"Plaudits" Example Sentences

1. He received widespread plaudits for his generous donation to charity.
2. Her performance drew critical plaudits and many standing ovations.
3. The film was showered with plaudits and accolades at the film festival.
4. His innovative solution earned him copious plaudits from his peers.
5. The CEO's speech drew enthusiastic plaudits from the investors in attendance.
6. The accomplished athlete basked in the plaudits of the crowd after winning the gold medal.
7. The accomplished scientist was showered with plaudits for her groundbreaking research.
8. The politician won plaudits for his progressive and inclusive platform.
9. The director was showered with critical plaudits for her visionary film.
10. The health care workers received heartfelt plaudits for their tireless work during the pandemic.
11. His musical composition earned him high praise and plaudits from critics and audiences alike.
12. The charity founder modestly accepted the plaudits for her life-changing work.
13. The actors received glowing plaudits for their heartfelt and moving performances.
14. The teacher was showered with plaudits from students and parents for her inspiring lessons.
15. The software engineer received much critical plaudits for developing an intuitive interface.
16. The historian's book won her numerous plaudits from academics and critics.
17. The team leader received well-deserved plaudits for fostering a collaborative work environment.
18. Her humanitarian efforts earned her widespread plaudits around the globe.
19. The musician's album garnered effusive plaudits from critics and music fans alike.
20. His kindness to others brought him community plaudits and respect.
21. The chef's menu received rave reviews and many critical plaudits.
22. The singer's vocal performance won her enthusiastic plaudits from the audience.
23. The athlete came away from the competition showered in plaudits and accolades.
24. His insightful commentary earned him much praise and plaudits from colleagues and readers.
25. The engineer received high critical plaudits for her innovative design solutions.
26. She modestly accepted the plaudits for her role in solving the complex problem.
27. His honest and forthright speech won him many plaudits from supporters and critics alike.
28. The reporter received well-deserved plaudits for her groundbreaking investigative work.
29. The comedian received widespread plaudits for his hilarious and original comedy routines.
30. The architect's designs earned widespread critical plaudits for their minimalist beauty.
31. His leadership during the crisis won him much praise and plaudits from all quarters.
32. Her selfless act of bravery brought her community plaudits and an honorary award.
33. The doctors and nurses were showered with heartfelt plaudits for saving so many lives.
34. Her public service earned her much praise and acclaim as well as many plaudits from citizens.
35. The researcher's study garnered positive reviews and critical plaudits from his peers.
36. The entrepreneur modestly accepted the plaudits for his visionary business idea.
37. The authors received many critical plaudits for their insightful and thought-provoking essays.
38. His talent and skill at the piano earned him many plaudits and accolades from music critics.
39. The volunteers were showered with plaudits and expressions of gratitude for their tireless work.
40. The judge's wise and fair rulings earned her widespread critical plaudits and respect.
41. The activists received well-deserved plaudits for raising awareness of the important issue.
42. Her courage and persistence in the face of adversity brought her many plaudits and honors.
43. His kindness and generosity have won him many plaudits from those whose lives he has touched.
44. The scientists received much critical acclaim and plaudits for their groundbreaking discovery.
45. The executive's visionary leadership style has earned him high praise and numerous plaudits.
46. His influential writing has garnered him much plaudits and respect across many fields.
47. The civil rights leader's efforts earned him much praise and widespread plaudits.
48. Her wisdom and patience as a teacher earned her many plaudits from grateful students and parents.
49. The athlete's record-breaking performance won him plaudits and accolades from fans and critics alike.
50. Her generous philanthropic efforts have earned her much plaudits and recognition.
51. The politicians' transparent and honest governance policies have won them many plaudits.
52. His ingenious invention earned him copious critical plaudits and acclaim.
53. Her selfless act of kindness brought her well-deserved plaudits from the community.
54. The author's poignant and moving writing has garnered him much critical plaudits and praise.
55. The business owners received wide plaudits for treating their employees so fairly and humanely.
56. The professor's lectures won him much praise and enthusiastic plaudits from students.
57. His courageous and exemplary leadership during a crisis won him widespread plaudits.
58. Her impressive drawing skills have earned her much plaudits and acclaim from art critics.
59. The athlete came away from the competition showered with critical plaudits and accolades.
60. The writer's insightful prose has garnered him much praise, plaudits and devoted readers.

Common Phases

1. Receive plaudits - To be praised and honored for one's work or achievements.
2. Showered with plaudits - To receive a significant amount of praise and commendation.
3. Win plaudits - To gain praise and approval for something.
4. Modestly accept plaudits - To humbly and graciously receive praise and accolades for one's achievements.
5. Earn plaudits - To deserve and gain praise and approval.
6. Copious plaudits - Abundant or generous amounts of praise and approval.
7. Wide plaudits - Praise and commendation from a broad spectrum of people.
8. Well-deserved plaudits - Praise that is rightly and justly given in proportion to one's achievements.
9. Critical plaudits - High praise from critics, reviewers or experts in a relevant field.

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