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please (verb) · pleases (third person present) · pleased (past tense) · pleased (past participle) · pleasing (present participle)

  - cause to feel happy and satisfied:

  - give satisfaction:

  - satisfy aesthetically.

  - take only one's own wishes into consideration in deciding how to act or proceed:

  - wish or desire to do something:

  - it is someone's choice to do something:

  - used in polite requests or questions:

  - used to add urgency and emotion to a request:

  - used to agree politely to a request:

  - used in polite or emphatic acceptance of an offer:

  - used to ask someone to stop doing something of which the speaker disapproves:

  - used to express incredulity or irritation:


nice, agreeable, pleasant, pleasurable, satisfying, gratifying, welcome, good, acceptable, enjoyable, entertaining, amusing, delightful, fine, friendly, amiable, pleasant, agreeable, affable, nice, genial, likable, charming, engaging, winning, delightful, delight, charm, amuse, divert, entertain, gladden, satisfy, gratify, humor, oblige, content, suit, displease, annoy, like, want, wish, desire, choose, will, prefer, opt, kindly, pray, prithee, Wikipedia

"Please" Example Sentences

1. Please close the door on your way out.
2. Please turn in your assignment by Friday.
3. Could you please pass the salt?
4. Please be on time for the meeting.
5. Would you please stop making so much noise?
6. Please wait here while I check on something.
7. Do you please have a pen I could borrow?
8. Please help yourself to some cookies.
9. Please wash your hands before cooking.
10. Please do not disturb me while I'm working.
11. I would appreciate it if you please turn the music down.
12. Please send me an email with the details.
13. Please try again, I didn't catch that.
14. Please stop tapping your foot, you're distracting me.
15. I would be very grateful if you please do the dishes.
16. Wait please, I have more to say on this matter.
17. Please don't forget to brush your teeth before bed.
18. Please speak up, I can't hear you.
19. Please be careful, the stairs are slippery.
20. Please refrain from smoking in the building.
21. I'm sorry, please come again, I didn't quite catch that.
22. Please call me if you need anything else.
23. Speak to the manager please, I cannot help you.
24. Please hold all my calls, I'm in an important meeting.
25. Would you please slow down, I'm having trouble keeping up.
26. I would really appreciate it if you please give me a hand.
27. Please be gentle with that, it's very fragile.
28. Please drive safely, text me when you get home.
29. Please come in and have a seat, how can I help you?
30. Can you please repeat the directions, I didn't quite understand.
31. Please don't tell anyone I told you that in confidence.
32. Yes please, I would love another cup of tea.
33. If you please could pass me the remote, that would be great.
34. Please don't let the baby play with that, it's unsafe.
35. I would be very grateful if you please reconsidered.
36. Please help! I need someone right away.
37. Please try to keep an open mind and hear me out.
38. I'm begging you, please reconsider and give me a second chance.
39. Will you please just listen to me for a moment? I need to explain.
40. Please excuse the interruption, I wanted to clarify one thing.
41. Please slow down, I'm having trouble understanding you.
42. Can you please repeat that, I'm still not sure I understand.
43. Please don't take it personally, I didn't mean to offend you.
44. If you please would check in on my kids while I'm away, I'd appreciate it greatly.
45. Could you please give me a call when you have a chance?
46. Please save me a seat, I'll be there in a few minutes.
47. If you please could provide some examples, that would be very helpful.
48. Please be sure to thoroughly wash all produce before eating.
49. Please leave any questions you have and I'll get back to you soon.
50. I would be very grateful if you please keep this between us.

Common Phases

1. Could you please
2. Will you please
3. Would you please
4. If you please could
5. I would appreciate it if you please
6. I would be grateful if you please
7. I'm begging you please
8. Please excuse
9. Please understand
10. Please reconsider
11. Please forgive
12. Please don't
13. Please try to
14. Please keep in mind
15. Please keep in mind
16. Can you please
17. I'm sorry please
18. Pretty please
19. Pretty please with sugar on top
20. Have a please day

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