Ra example sentences

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"Ra" Example Sentences

1. Ra sailed across the sky in his solar barge.
2. Ra created the world from chaos with his words.
3. The Egyptians worshipped Ra as the sun god.
4. Ra battled Apep every night to bring the dawn.
5. They offered sacrifices to Ra to gain his favor.
6. Priests prayed to Ra at sunrise and sunset.
7. Ra rose in the east and set in the west each day.
8. Ra's power weakened as he aged over the millennia.
9. The pharaoh was seen as the son of Ra on earth.
10. Ra gave life and light to all living things.
11. The obelisks were built to honor Ra.
12. Ra's characteristics included warmth, light and eternality.
13. Ra merged with other gods to form hybrid deities.
14. Ra flew across the sky in a winged solar disk.
15. Ra was depicted as having the head of a falcon or hawk.
16. Worshippers sought Ra's blessings for abundant harvests.
17. At night, Ra battled Apep in the underworld.
18. Ra renewed himself each morning by birthing from Nut.
19. Some said Ra created mankind from his tears.
20. Ra's power waned in old age, passing to Horus.
21. Ra ruled the heavens and earth as the king of gods.
22. Ra guided the barque of the sun across the sky each day.
23. The Egyptians called Ra "Father of the Gods".
24. Priests wore masks depicting Ra's attributes and powers.
25. Ra commanded all other gods in the Egyptian pantheon.
26. The sun temples were built to honor the daily renewal of Ra.
27. Ra swallowed the sun each evening and spit it out each dawn.
28. Ra battled wicked snakes like Apep and Wadjet.
29. Ra presided over justice, ma'at, in the world.
30. Local gods sometimes merged with Ra to become a hybrid deity.
31. Ra ruled Egypt through pharaohs seen as his offspring on earth.
32. Ra had many epithets reflecting his attributes and roles.
33. Followers of Ra prayed for immortality in the afterlife.
34. Ra's bird form was thought to allow him to see all things.
35. Ra took the form of Khepri, the scarab god, at dawn.
36. Ra brought life-giving heat and light to the Nile Valley.
37. Ra's worship declined with the rise of other Egyptian deities.
38. Akhenaten tried to make Aten Egypt's sole god, supplanting Ra.
39. Ra merged with Amun to form the deity Amun-Ra.
40. Ra battled Set to allow Isis to revive Osiris.
41. Ra's tears formed the first humans in some Egyptian legends.
42. Ra's followers prayed for blessings at the rising and setting sun.
43. Ra presided over theOgdoad of primordial creator gods.
44. Ra ascended to heaven from the ben-ben stone at Heliopolis.
45. Ra took the forms of Khepri, Atum, and Amun throughout the day.
46. Ra's power was thought to decline as he aged over millennia.
47. Ra had four sons who guided his solar barge across the sky.
48. Ra was a creator god, making the world from words and thoughts.
49. Artists depicted Ra in many forms showing his attributes and roles.
50. Ra covered the world in darkness when upset or angered.
51. Ra's many forms and powers made him a complex deity.
52. Ra emerged from the primeval waters at the dawn of creation.
53. Ra withdrew into seclusion as he aged, becoming more distant.
54. Ra took the form of a ram-headed god in some local cults.
55. Ra's sacred symbol was the sun disk representing eternal light.
56. Ra's solar boat carried him across the heavens each day.
57. Ra represented order and balance in the world through ma'at.
58. The ben-ben stone at Heliopolis symbolized Ra's first emergence.
59. Ra was seen by some followers as the one true god of Egypt.
60. Ra embodied fierceness and justice as well as warmth and life.

Common Phases

worship Ra
pray to Ra
offerings to Ra
sacrifices to Ra
followers of Ra
priests of Ra
children of Ra (referring to pharaohs)
powers of Ra
forms of Ra
boat of Ra
disk of Ra
The Egyptians worshipped Ra as the sun god.
Priests prayed to Ra at dawn and dusk.
They offered sacrifices to Ra to gain his favor.
Pharaohs were seen as the children of Ra on earth.
Followers of Ra sought his blessings.
The priests of Ra maintained the sun temples.
Art depicted the many forms of Ra.
Ra's solar boat sailed across the sky each day.
The sun disk symbolized the power of Ra.
They made offerings to Ra for a bountiful harvest.

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