Ravager example sentences

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"Ravager" Example Sentences

1. The ravager tore through the once peaceful village, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.
2. The hero wielded his sword, ready to face the ravager that threatened his kingdom.
3. Citizens fled in terror as the ravager approached their town, its menacing presence known to all.
4. The ravager's claws were sharper than any sword, leaving deep gashes on any who dared to fight.
5. The villagers banded together to try and defeat the rampaging ravager, but their efforts were in vain.
6. The ravager's roar echoed through the mountains, signaling its approach and striking fear into the hearts of all.
7. The hero knew that defeating the ravager was the only way to save his people from certain doom.
8. The ravager's scales were impenetrable, rendering even the strongest attacks useless.
9. The hero recognized the ravager as a creature of ancient legend, a creature that had not been seen for centuries.
10. The ravager's eyes glowed with an otherworldly light, giving it an eerie, supernatural appearance.
11. As the ravager approached, the hero steeled himself for the fight of his life.
12. The ravager's massive size made it seem invincible, but the hero refused to back down.
13. The villagers knew that they must stop the ravager at any cost, for their survival depended on it.
14. The ravager's claws glinted in the sun, a menacing sight to all who saw them.
15. The hero knew that he was the only one who could stop the ravager, thus he accepted the challenge.
16. The ravager's speed was astounding, making it a formidable opponent.
17. The hero's determination never wavered, even as he faced the ravager's devastating attacks.
18. The ravager's roar shook the ground, causing even the bravest hearts to tremble.
19. The hero fought with all his might, refusing to let the ravager win.
20. The ravager's ferocity was unmatched, making it seem like a force of nature.
21. The hero's sword glowed with a magical light, empowering him to face the ravager with renewed strength.
22. The ravager's teeth were like daggers, causing bloody wounds with every bite.
23. The hero knew that this battle would be his greatest test, for the ravager was unlike any foe he had faced before.
24. The ravager's tail whipped around, knocking the hero off his feet and leaving him vulnerable to attack.
25. The hero managed to dodge the ravager's attacks, looking for a weakness in its defenses.
26. The ravager's roars grew weaker as the hero continued to land powerful blows.
27. The hero dodged the ravager's final attack, striking it with a fierce blow that brought it to its knees.
28. The ravager let out one last roar before collapsing, defeated at last.
29. The hero emerged victorious, having saved his people from the ravager's wrath.
30. The ravager's body lay still, a testament to the hero's bravery and skill in battle.

Common Phases

1. The ravager descended upon the unsuspecting village; leaving destruction and chaos in its wake.
2. The planetary explorers encountered a pack of ravagers; forced to fight for their survival.
3. The mythological tale recounts the ravager as a beast sent by the gods to punish the wicked.
4. The farmers worked tirelessly to fortify their land against the ravagers; determined not to lose their crops again.
5. The military unit was tasked with eliminating the ravagers that threatened the safety of the local populace.
6. The ancient ruins were overrun by ravagers; reducing centuries-old artifacts to rubble.
7. The survivors huddled in a makeshift shelter; listening anxiously to the ravager's snarling outside.
8. The ravager's ferocious roar echoed across the barren wasteland; a warning to anyone who dared to cross its path.

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