Reconnection example sentences

Related (9): reconciliation, reuniting, mending, bonding, healing, assuagement, rehabilitation, reattachment, reunion.


[ˌrēkəˈnekSHən] ✕ Play

  - noun form of reconnect


[ˌrēkəˈnek(t)] ✕ Play

reconnect (verb) · reconnects (third person present) · reconnected (past tense) · reconnected (past participle) · reconnecting (present participle) · re-connect (verb) · re-connects (third person present) · re-connected (past tense) · re-connected (past participle) · re-connecting (present participle)

  - connect back together:

  - re-establish a bond of communication or emotion:



"Reconnection" Example Sentences

1. My phone is having trouble with reconnection to the Wi-Fi network.
2. The therapist helped us work through our issues and facilitated a reconnection in our relationship.
3. The power outage caused the system to lose reconnection to the server.
4. After several years of being apart, the reconnection with his old friends was a happy surprise.
5. The mechanic fixed the loose cable, allowing for a reconnection of the car's electrical system.
6. The internet provider promised a quick reconnection of the service after the scheduled maintenance.
7. The storm caused a temporary reconnection of the river to its old stream bed.
8. My ex and I had a brief reconnection, but we soon realized it was better to move on.
9. The hiker finally found his way back to the marked trail after a reconnection with his map and compass.
10. The cable TV box lost the reconnection to all channels because of weak signals.
11. Our family took a vacation to promote a reconnection amid our busy schedules.
12. The electrician tested the reconnection of the circuit to ensure it was safe.
13. Reconnection with our culture and heritage has become a top priority for many young adults.
14. We may experience an emotional reconnection after a long period of time even when we move to a new place.
15. The employee's computer required a reconnection to the network for software updates.
16. After the earthquake, the scientists monitored the eventual reconnection of the fault line.
17. The author's latest book explores the theme of reconnection with nature.
18. The lightning strike significantly damaged the electrical system, requiring a complete reconnection.
19. The therapist recommended a weekend retreat for couples seeking a deeper reconnection.
20. The cable TV network occasionally loses reconnection to several local channels during a storm.
21. We were in awe watching the reconnection of the severed bridge to the two ends by workers.
22. Reconnection with lost relatives may involve a tedious search, but the rewards are immeasurable.
23. The electrical contractor had to do a complete reconnection of the school's mainframe after a power surge.
24. We attended a seminar that aims to cultivate reconnection with ourselves and our inner selves.
25. The new software update prompts the user to perform a reconnection of the device to the computer.
26. Our camping trip created a beautiful reconnection with the natural world.
27. The power company informed the customers who had a scheduled reconnection after a long period of disconnection.
28. The kitchen renovation required reconnection of the stove, refrigerator, and the dishwasher.
29. A reconnection with lost love may lead to the realization that the current relationship is the better choice.
30. The IT department noticed some connection problems and applied a quick reconnection to the database.

Common Phases

1. The reconnection of old friends was a heartwarming sight.
2. The company's reconnection with its customers resulted in a boost in sales.
3. The couple's journey of reconnection brought them closer together.
4. The therapist helped the patient find reconnection with their emotions.
5. The power outage caused the need for reconnection of several homes.
6. The reconnection of the broken cable fixed the internet connection.
7. The artist's reconnection with their passion led to an amazing masterpiece.
8. The family's reconnection after years of estrangement brought tears to their eyes.
9. The reconnection of the severed nerves restored the patient's mobility.
10. The retreat helped participants find reconnection with nature and themselves.

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