Steeping example sentences

Related (13): tea, infusion, soak, brewing, immersion, maceration, marination, saturation, extraction, leaching, decoction, steeping, soaking

"Steeping" Example Sentences

1. I love steeping my tea for five minutes to get the perfect flavor.
2. The key to a great cup of coffee is steeping the beans correctly.
3. I prefer steeping my herbal infusions overnight for a stronger taste.
4. The longer you steep the tea, the more bitter it becomes.
5. Steeping tea in hot water is a traditional method of preparing it.
6. Steeping the cocoa powder in hot milk makes for a delicious hot chocolate.
7. The leaves need time to absorb the water while steeping.
8. Steeping the fresh mint leaves in boiling water gives a refreshing taste to the tea.
9. A key step in making kombucha is steeping the tea and sugar in boiling water.
10. Steeping herbs in a hot bath can be very relaxing and therapeutic.
11. I always try to find the perfect balance when steeping my loose leaf tea.
12. The longer you steep the tea, the more caffeine it will have.
13. Steeping the teabag in cold water overnight makes for a refreshing iced tea.
14. Over-steeping the tea can make it too strong and difficult to appreciate.
15. Steeping the spices in the soup for too long can make it too spicy.
16. Steeping the chicken in the marinade helps it to absorb more flavor.
17. For a stronger aroma, try steeping the essential oils in warm water before adding to the diffuser.
18. Steeping the fruit in the alcohol creates a unique flavor for cocktails.
19. Steeping honey in hot water is a great natural remedy for a sore throat.
20. Properly steeping the flour mixture is key to making the perfect dough.
21. Always make sure to stir the tea while steeping to ensure even flavor distribution.
22. Steeping the tea at the right temperature is essential for getting the best flavor.
23. Steeping the herbs too long can alter the original flavor profile.
24. When steeping tea, always use filtered water for the best taste.
25. Steeping the coffee beans for too long can result in a bitter taste.
26. For a stronger aroma, try steeping the vanilla bean in the milk before adding it to the recipe.
27. The longer the tea leaves have been steeping, the weaker the flavor becomes.
28. Steeping the ingredients in the slow cooker for hours is the secret to a delicious stew.
29. Steeping the tea leaves in a porcelain teapot can enhance the flavor.
30. Taking care not to over-steep the tea is important to prevent a bitter aftertaste.

Common Phases

1. Steeping the tea leaves in hot water;
2. Letting the tea leaves steep for five minutes;
3. Steeping the tea bag in the cup;
4. Allowing the tea to steep for a stronger flavor;
5. Steeping the herbs in boiling water;
6. Waiting for the coffee to steep in the French press;
7. Steeping the cinnamon sticks in warm milk;
8. Letting the spices steep in the stew;
9. Allowing the fruit to steep in the sangria;
10. Steeping the tea leaves multiple times.

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