Stone example sentences

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stone (noun) · stones (plural noun)

  - hard solid nonmetallic mineral matter of which rock is made, especially as a building material:

  - used in similes and metaphors to refer to weight or lack of feeling, expression, or movement:

  - a small piece of rock found on the ground.

  - a meteorite made of rock, as opposed to metal.

  - a calculus; a gallstone or kidney stone.

  - a piece of stone shaped for a purpose, especially one of commemoration, ceremony, or demarcation:

  - a gem or jewel:

  - short for curling stone

  - a round piece or counter, originally made of stone, used in various board games such as backgammon.

  - a large flat table or sheet, originally made of stone and later usually of metal, on which pages of type were made up.

  - a hard seed in a cherry, plum, peach, and some other fruits.

  - a unit of weight equal to 14 pounds (6.35 kg):

  - a natural shade of whitish-gray or brownish-gray:

  - throw stones at:

  - remove the stone from (a fruit):

  - build, face, or pave with stone:


rock, pebble, boulder, cobbles, gravel, scree, concretion, gravestone, headstone, tombstone, tablet, monument, monolith, obelisk, gem, gemstone, jewel, brilliant, bijou, kernel, seed, pip, pit, endocarp, fawn, buff, sand, sandy, oatmeal, wheaten, biscuit, coffee, camel, kasha, ecru, taupe, mushroom, putty, greige, neutral, natural, Legal

"Stone" Example Sentences

1. The house was built from stone.
2. The sculptor carved the stone into shape.
3. He skipped stones across the pond.
4. I tripped over a stone on the path.
5. She put the jewel in a stone box for safekeeping.
6. The castle walls were made of massive stone blocks.
7. The road was lined with stone walls on either side.
8. The stone archway led into the courtyard.
9. The stone doorstep was cracked and crumbling.
10. The trophies were carved from marble stone.
11. The stone tablet had hieroglyphs carved into it.
12. They built a stone firepit in the backyard.
13. I chucked a stone at the window.
14. The stone pillar supported the roof.
15. They laid a stone patio in the garden.
16. The stone lion guarded the entrance.
17. The stone pathway wound through the garden.
18. He threw the stone hard enough to break the window.
19. She twisted the stone ring on her finger.
20. The stone foundations were laid a century ago.
21. The stone bench was worn smooth.
22. The stone monument commemorated the war dead.
23. Turning the stone revealed the insect hiding underneath.
24. The stone shattered into pieces upon impact.
25. The stone needles protruded from the walls.
26. The stone cottage had withstood the test of time.
27. They hammered the stone into shape.
28. The vase was carved from a single stone.
29. The stone foundation cracked during the earthquake.
30. She crossed the stone bridge over the ravine.
31. The abandoned stone house crumbled into ruin.
32. The stone gargoyles perched upon the roof.
33. The graveyard was filled with weathered stone tombs.
34. The druids built stone circles millennia ago.
35. The stone cottage had a thatched roof.
36. The priceless stone sculpture was badly damaged.
37. The stone walls kept the castle cool inside.
38. The graffiti was etched into the stone wall.
39. Legend says the stone giants built the castle.
40. The stone gavel rested by the judge's bench.
41. I hurled a stone into the pond.
42. Chisels and hammers chipped away at the stone.
43. The stone carvings told the story of creation.
44. The stone fell silently into the dark water.
45. The rock climber scaled the sheer stone face.
46. They say a stone collects moss as it age..
47. The stone statue gazed out over the plaza.
48. The stone cottage defied all notions of comfort.
49. He flung the stone in anger.
50. The stone hit her square in the face.
51. The ancient stone circle remained a mystery.
52. The stone urn held the ashes of the dead.
53. She wrapped herself in a stone-faced calm.
54. The stone yielded to the sculptor's skill.
55. The layers of stone formed over millennia.
56. Stone tools were the first technology.
57. The stone walls absorbed the summer heat.
58. The gravestone was weathered with age.
59. The millstone ground the flour.
60. The alchemist searched for the philosopher's stone.

Common Phases

• cornerstone
• bedrock
stone's throw
• throw stones
• cold as stone
• turn to stone
• leave no stone unturned
• written in stone
• set in stone
• hard as stone
• cast the first stone
• kill two birds with one stone
• worth your weight in stone
• cold stone
• carved in stone
• a stone's throw away
• break the stone
• like rolling stones
• strong as stone
• tough as stone
• moved to stone
• silent as stone
• dead as a stone
• solid as stone
• stubborn as stone
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