Touch example sentences

Related (10): feel, caress, stroke, tap, pat, poke, prod, brush, graze, hold

"Touch" Example Sentences

1. She touched the flower gently.
2. Don't touch that, it's hot.
3. The baby's skin was so soft to the touch.
4. His words touched her heart.
5. The delicate sculpture could not withstand even the slightest touch.
6. The athlete's performance was untouchable.
7. The sight of her face touched something deep within him.
8. The healing touch of a caring friend can make all the difference.
9. Her hand accidentally touched his as she reached for the dish.
10. The doctor examined her thoroughly from head to toe with a gentle touch.
11. The homeless man appreciated any kind touch.
12. The magician made the coin disappear with just a touch of his finger.
13. I hardly touched my food, I had no appetite.
14. The guitar's strings vibrated at my slightest touch.
15. The sunset's vivid colors touched the sky.
16. The teacher's kind words really touched the student's heart.
17. His affectionate touch warmed her heart.
18. The medicine touched her palliative care needs.
19. The fire touched the trees and leapt to the nearby houses.
20. The actor's performance really touched the audience emotionally.
21. Technology has touched every aspect of our lives.
22. His warm embrace touched her soul.
23. The story touched on some controversial issues.
24. The performance artist used dance and touch to involve the audience.
25. He hardly touched his breakfast that morning.
26. She didn't want to touch the raw chicken until after washing her hands.
27. The speaker tried to touch on many different topics during the short time allotted.
28. The potion only worked when it physically touched the victim's skin.
29. The elevator button made a beeping sound when I touched it.
30. The artist tried hard not to touch the wet paint.
31. A gentle touch can go a long way to comforting someone who is upset.
32. The moonlight barely touched the mountaintops.
33. The angry mob hardly touched the heavily guarded embassy.
34. The urgent news touched off widespread panic.
35. His hand brushed against her arm in an accidental touch.
36. Her emotional story about hardship really touched me deeply.
37. The pianist's fingertips hardly touched the keys as she played.
38. Don't touch that button!
39. Children often need to touch and feel things to fully understand them.
40. I accidentally touched the stove and burned my finger.
41. The seedlings were very delicate and couldn't withstand being touched.
42. The artwork hardly touched the ceiling of the enormous cathedral.
43. The dog's cold wet nose touched my leg.
44. It had been so long since I had been touched with love and affection.
45. The guitarist touched the strings with expertise and precision.
46. Studying history helps us touch on the major events that shaped our society.
47. Her words touched a nerve deep within him.
48. I don't like to be touched by strangers.
49. The old woman's expressionless face refused to be touched by joy.
50. The fog barely touched the ground that spooky Halloween morning.
51. The prompt reminded me to touch base with my colleague about the project.
52. The pleading tone of her voice slightly touched his cold heart.
53. The tone of the music touched a place deep within her soul.
54. Her light touch on his arm conveyed her support.
55. The chilly evening air barely touched our skin under the warm blanket.
56. The artwork touched on themes of life and death.
57. The water barely touched his ankles as he waded in the shallow creek.
58. Don't touch the controls while the machine is running.
59. Our conversation briefly touched on politics.
60. The speaker tried to touch upon many important topics in a short speech.

Common Phases

1. Don't touch that!
2. Keep your hands to yourself!
3. That's a real tearjerker - it touched my heart.
4. Lightly touched
5. Gently touched
6. Barely touched
7. With loving touch
8. Bringing someone to tears - that really touched me.
9. Touched a nerve
10. It doesn't even come close - it's untouchable.
11. Rolled off him like water off a duck's back - nothing could touch him.
12. Touched on (a subject)
13. Touched upon (an issue)
14. Touch base (with someone)
15. Within arms reach
16. Out of reach
17. We briefly touched on that subject in class.
18. Within touching distance
19. Touch and go (situation)
20. Not to be touched
21. Don't even think about touching that!
22. I don't want you touching my things.
23. Keep your hands to yourself.
24. So moving, it brought me to tears - that really touched me.
25. Touched all the bases
26. Beyond the reach of
27. Within my grasp
28. Slightly touched
29. Don't touch that with a 10 foot pole!
30. He hardly touched his dinner.

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