Trainees example sentences

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"Trainees" Example Sentences

1. The company has hired new trainees to join their team.
2. The trainees are expected to complete a rigorous training program.
3. The senior employees are responsible for mentoring the new trainees.
4. The trainees underwent intensive training before being assigned to their respective departments.
5. The trainees showed remarkable progress in their performance evaluations.
6. The company provides a conducive learning environment for the trainees.
7. The trainees are encouraged to ask questions during the training sessions.
8. The trainees are being evaluated based on their practical skills and theoretical knowledge.
9. The trainees are being groomed for future leadership positions.
10. The company provides regular feedback to the trainees to help them improve.
11. The trainees are expected to be punctual and disciplined throughout the training period.
12. The company has a good track record of producing successful trainees.
13. The trainees are eligible for employee benefits after completing the training program.
14. The trainees are given hands-on experience during the training sessions.
15. The trainees will be evaluated based on their performance during the training period.
16. The company has invested heavily in the training and development of its trainees.
17. The trainees have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment during training.
18. The trainees are required to meet certain performance standards before completing the training program.
19. The company offers various training opportunities for its trainees to enhance their skills.
20. The trainees are expected to adhere to the company's code of conduct and ethics.
21. The trainees are provided with a comprehensive training manual for reference.
22. The trainees are required to sign a training agreement before commencing the program.
23. The trainees are encouraged to share their knowledge and ideas with their colleagues.
24. The company has a structured training program that ensures the trainees receive sufficient training.
25. The trainees receive regular feedback from their supervisors to help them improve.
26. The company has a team of experienced trainers who mentor the trainees.
27. The trainees are encouraged to participate in relevant external training programs.
28. The trainees are provided with regular opportunities to showcase their skills and talents.
29. The company provides ongoing support to the trainees even after they complete the program.
30. The trainees are expected to comply with the safety regulations during their training.

Common Phases

1. The trainees are required to attend a safety briefing before starting their work;
2. The trainees will undergo a four-week training program to develop their skills;
3. During the training period, the trainees will be closely monitored and evaluated;
4. The trainees are expected to follow all company policies and procedures;
5. It is important for the trainees to ask questions and seek clarification when unsure;
6. The trainees will have access to mentors and trainers for guidance and support;
7. Upon completion of the training, the trainees will be assigned to their respective departments;
8. The trainees are encouraged to provide feedback on their training experience to help improve the program;
9. The trainees will be provided with regular progress reports and feedback from their supervisors;
10. It is essential for the trainees to maintain a positive attitude and display a willingness to learn.

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