Traverse example sentences

Related (6): cross, navigate, trek, transit, negotiate, cover


[trəˈvərs] ✕ Play

traverse (verb) · traverses (third person present) · traversed (past tense) · traversed (past participle) · traversing (present participle)

  - travel across or through:

  - extend across or through:

  - cross a hill or mountain by means of a series of sideways movements from one practicable line of ascent or descent to another:

  - ski diagonally across (a slope), with only a slight descent:

  - consider or discuss the whole extent of (a subject):

  - move (something) back and forth or sideways:

  - turn (a large gun or other device on a pivot) to face a different direction.

  - deny (an allegation) in pleading:

  - oppose or thwart (a plan).

  - an act of traversing something:

  - a hill or mountain where traversing is necessary:

  - a movement following a diagonal course made by a skier descending a slope:

  - a zigzag course followed by a ship because winds or currents prevent it from sailing directly toward its destination.

  - a part of a structure that extends or is fixed across something:

  - a gallery extending from side to side of a church or other building.

  - a mechanism enabling a large gun to be turned to face a different direction:

  - the sideways movement of a part in a machine.

  - a single line of survey, usually plotted from compass bearings and chained or paced distances between angular points.

  - a tract surveyed by traversing.

  - a pair of right-angled bends incorporated in a trench to avoid enfilading fire:

  - variant spelling of travers

  - (of a curtain rod) allowing the curtain to be opened and closed by sliding it along the rod.


cross, negotiate, cover, ply, wander, roam, range, cross, bridge, span, foil, frustrate, balk, forestall, scotch, derail, smash, dash, stop, check, block, prevent, defeat, impede, obstruct, snooker, oppose, hinder, hamper, assist, facilitate, traversal, passage, voyage, journey, cruise, sail, travers

"Traverse" Example Sentences

1. She had to traverse the rocky terrain to reach the summit.
2. The hiker decided to traverse the entire Appalachian Trail.
3. The ship took over a week to traverse the Atlantic Ocean.
4. Tom had to traverse the sugar cane fields to reach his house.
5. The bridge allows us to easily traverse the river.
6. The robot was programmed to traverse the entire building.
7. The expedition had to traverse through the dense jungle to reach the village.
8. The skier was able to traverse the mountain with ease.
9. The astronauts were excited to traverse the moon’s surface.
10. The adventurers had to traverse the desert for three days.
11. The drone was able to traverse the whole stadium to take footage.
12. The horse had to traverse the slippery road during the rain.
13. The explorers had to traverse the deep cave to find the treasure.
14. The climbers had to traverse the steep cliff to reach the top.
15. The car had to traverse the bumpy road to get to the destination.
16. The group had to traverse the cold wilderness to get to the cabin.
17. The runner had to traverse the muddy trail during the race.
18. The cat easily traversed the narrow passage on the roof.
19. The bus had to traverse the winding road to reach the village.
20. The construction workers had to traverse the narrow beams to build the skyscraper.
21. The hounds can traverse any type of terrain while hunting.
22. The skaters had to traverse the ice rink for their performance.
23. The cyclist had to traverse the steep hill during the race.
24. The athlete had to traverse the obstacles to complete the course.
25. The mountaineer had to traverse the dangerous ridge to reach the summit.
26. The dog had to traverse the crowded street to find its way home.
27. The crane had to traverse the construction site to complete the project.
28. The tour guide had to traverse the forest to show the tourists the hidden waterfall.
29. The kayakers had to traverse the rapids to reach the calm waters.
30. The police had to traverse the busy city streets to respond to an emergency.

Common Phases

1. We need to traverse the forest to get to the other side;
2. The hikers were able to traverse the mountain by following the trail;
3. The astronauts must traverse the vast void of space to reach their destination;
4. It took us hours to traverse the deserted wasteland;
5. The team had to traverse the treacherous terrain to reach the summit;
6. The ship was able to traverse the choppy waters without any issues;
7. He had to traverse the busy city streets to get to the meeting on time;
8. The duo will traverse the entire continent in search of rare artifacts;
9. The climbers had to traverse the icy cliffs to reach the summit;
10. She had to traverse the raging river to get back to her village.

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