Tyranny example sentences

Related (14): oppression, dictatorship, despotism, totalitarianism, autocracy, absolutism, subjugation, repression, domination, control, brutality, cruelty, injustice, arbitrariness

"Tyranny" Example Sentences

1. The people lived under the tyrant's oppressive tyranny.
2. The rebellion was aimed at overthrowing the tyrannical dictatorship.
3. The citizens chaffed under the cruel tyranny of the iron-fisted dictator.
4. The regime carried out its repression and violence under the guise of law and order.
5. The tyrant ruthlessly crushed any dissent against his tyranny.
6. Protesters demanded an end to the tyrannical government.
7. Under the despot's tyranny, basic freedoms were denied to citizens.
8. The reign of terror spread throughout the kingdom under the tyrant's tyranny.
9. They rose up against the oppressive tyranny of their ruler.
10. The people longed to be free from the despotic tyranny.
11. The rule of tyranny finally came to an end with the dictator's overthrow.
12. The autocrat's capricious tyranny smashed dissidents without mercy.
13. Many were tortured and executed under the brutal tyranny.
14. The people yearned for liberty, democracy and an end to tyranny.
15. The rebels fought bravely to liberate their country from tyranny.
16. The regime imposed draconian laws to cement its tyrannical control over citizens.
17. The subjects lived in fear under the oppressor's regime of tyranny.
18. Tyranny and oppression had become the norm under the autocrat's rule.
19. The dissident's campaign against the tyranny landed him in jail.
20. The autocrat's lust for absolute power led to his tyrannical rule.
21. The autocrat's tyrannical reign brought misery to his people.
22. The oppressive tyranny finally ended after decades of suffering.
23. Freedom finally dawned after years of living under tyrannical rule.
24. The revolutionaries fought to overthrow the despot's tyranny.
25. The autocrat's arbitrary power and cruelty exemplified political tyranny.
26. The dictator's iron grip of tyranny slowly tightened around citizens.
27. The people rose up as one against the tyranny of their oppressor.
28. Freedom from tyranny became the revolution's central cry.
29. The rebels hoped to replace the tyrant's tyranny with democracy.
30. The revolt succeeded in toppling the autocrat's tyrannical regime.
31. Tyranny and freedom cannot coexist in the same society.
32. The revolution marked the dawn of freedom after decades of tyranny.
33. The autocrat's brutality and ruthlessness became synonymous with tyranny.
34. The tyrant's grip of tyranny finally started to slip.
35. The regime carried out summary executions to spread fear and enforce tyranny.
36. The people's resistance movement fought valiantly against the tyrant's tyranny.
37. The revolution succeeded in putting an end to the tyrant's reign of terror.
38. The reign of tyranny ended when the tyrant was overthrown and executed.
39. The tyrant's dictatorial despotism symbolized the very definition of tyranny.
40. The rebel army finally succeeded in toppling the regime of tyranny.
41. The reign of tyranny lasted for decades until freedom finally prevailed.
42. Under the tyranny, citizens were treated as subjects not citizens.
43. The rebel leader united the people in a common cause to overthrow tyranny.
44. The tyrant's tyrannical rule relied on violence and intimidation to keep power.
45. The tyranny crushed any form of dissent using arbitrary power and force.
46. The dictator's oppressive regime exemplified political tyranny at its worst.
47. The revolt issued a clarion call for an end to tyranny and a beginning of freedom.
48. The revolution's victory marked the end of the despot's long reign of tyranny.
49. The rebels battled the regime's forces to liberate their country from tyranny.
50. The regime used the guise of law and order to justify its tyrannical rule.

Common Phases

1. Tyrannical rule - The oppressive and arbitrary control of a tyrant or authoritarian regime.
2. Reign of tyranny - The period of time when a tyrant or oppressive regime holds power.
3. Liberate from tyranny - To free from the oppressive control of a tyrant.
4. Overthrow tyranny - To depose a tyrant or put an end to oppressive rule through rebellion.
5. Oppressive tyranny - The cruel and unfair use of power by a ruler or regime to control people.
6. Iron grip of tyranny - The oppressive and uncompromising control of a tyrant.
7. Revolt against tyranny - An uprising aimed at overthrowing an oppressive regime.
8. Tyranny of the majority - The oppression of the minority by a ruling majority.
9. Tyranny and oppression - The unjust use of power to rule and control people against their will.
10. Rise up against tyranny - To rebel and fight in order to end oppressive rule.

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