Underplay example sentences

Related (7): downplay, underrate, minimize, belittle, trivialize, diminish, underestimate

"Underplay" Example Sentences

1. The media tends to underplay the positive achievements of the government.
2. Don't underplay your talents, you have a gift for writing.
3. The company underplayed the severity of the data breach in its latest press release.
4. She often underplays her intelligence so as not to intimidate others.
5. The athlete's previous performance was underplayed by the commentators who did not acknowledge her success.
6. Don't underplay the importance of networking in building professional relationships.
7. His role in the project was underplayed, but it was actually crucial to its success.
8. The movie's marketing campaign deliberately underplayed the dark themes of the story.
9. The boss tends to underplay the challenges of a project to motivate her team.
10. It was clear the politician was underplaying the importance of climate change in her speech.
11. Don't underplay the impact of your words, they can have a powerful effect.
12. The editor underplayed the flaws in the manuscript to avoid hurting the author's feelings.
13. The company's profits were underplayed in the annual report to manage stockholder expectations.
14. The singer has a tendency to underplay her vocal abilities during live performances.
15. The consequences of the pandemic cannot be underplayed, it has significantly altered the global economy.
16. The detective underplayed the importance of the evidence, hoping the suspect would drop their guard.
17. Don't underplay the significance of achieving your goals, it's a valuable accomplishment.
18. The CEO underplayed the company's environmental impact, to the detriment of public opinion.
19. The teacher underplayed the student's progress, not realizing the impact it had on their self-esteem.
20. It's important not to underplay the fact that mental health should be a top priority.
21. The media tends to underplay the dangers of smoking, despite the well-established health risks.
22. The politician underplayed the implications of the budget cuts, leading to public outcry.
23. Don't underplay the value of teamwork in achieving success, collaboration is key.
24. The coach underplayed the importance of rest and recovery, leading to injuries among the players.
25. The actor underplayed the emotional depth of the character, resulting in a mediocre performance.
26. The significance of the discovery was underplayed by the scientists, who didn't fully understand its implications.
27. The journalist underplayed the impact of the article, not realizing the public interest it would generate.
28. Don't underplay the importance of self-care in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
29. The author underplayed the complexity of the plot, leading to confusion among readers.
30. The employee underplayed their contribution to the project, leading to them being overlooked for a promotion.

Common Phases

1. He tends to underplay his talents; it's just his humble nature.
2. The actor deliberately underplayed his role; it was a subtle and nuanced performance.
3. I think you're underplaying the importance of this decision; it could have serious consequences.
4. She's been known to underplay her achievements; she doesn't like to draw attention to herself.
5. It's no surprise that he underplayed his involvement in the project; he didn't want to take credit for other people's work.
6. The coach urged his team to underplay their opponents' strengths; it's better to be pleasantly surprised than caught off guard.
7. We need to underplay our enthusiasm for the product; we don't want to come across as desperate.
8. Despite his illness, he tried to underplay his symptoms; he didn't want to worry his family.
9. The politician tried to underplay the controversy surrounding his recent speech; he hoped it would blow over quickly.
10. The author chose to underplay the ending of the story; it left the reader with a sense of ambiguity.

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