Verdicts example sentences

Related (23): 1. judgments, rulings, decisions, 2. findings, outcomes, determinations, 3. pronouncements, decrees, resolutions, 4. declarations, settlements, conclusions, 5. assessments, evaluations, 6. verdicts, opinions, positions, 7. convictions, sentences, judgments, 8. outcomes, results, determinations.

"Verdicts" Example Sentences

1. The judge delivered the verdicts in a clear and decisive manner.
2. The jury reached their respective verdicts after several days of deliberation.
3. The verdicts of the appellate court were highly anticipated by both parties involved.
4. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the jury still returned not guilty verdicts.
5. The conflicting witness testimonies resulted in a hung jury and no verdicts were rendered.
6. The prosecutor was satisfied with the verdicts, but the defense plans to appeal.
7. The judge advised the jurors not to speak to the press after delivering their verdicts.
8. The family of the victim was disappointed with the verdicts and felt justice was not served.
9. The trial was highly publicized and the verdicts were the subject of much debate.
10. The judge emphasized the importance of impartiality when reaching verdicts.
11. The jury foreperson read the verdicts aloud in a quiet, somber tone.
12. The verdicts were unanimous, with all jurors agreeing on the outcome.
13. The defense team presented compelling evidence, resulting in not guilty verdicts.
14. The prosecution was confident in their case, but the verdicts did not go in their favor.
15. The judge thanked the jury for their service and dedication in reaching the verdicts.
16. Many people were surprised by the verdicts, as the evidence seemed to point to a different outcome.
17. The judge instructed the jury on the legal criteria they needed to consider when making their verdicts.
18. The verdicts came as a relief to the defendant, who had been waiting anxiously for weeks.
19. The verdicts were met with cheers and applause from the supporters of the winning side.
20. Despite the tense atmosphere in the court, the verdicts were delivered without incident.
21. The verdicts will have a significant impact on the lives of everyone involved in the case.
22. Both sides presented strong arguments, but ultimately the verdicts favored the prosecution.
23. The defense attorney shook his head in disappointment after hearing the guilty verdicts.
24. Each of the jurors was given an opportunity to explain their reasoning behind the verdicts.
25. Many legal experts were surprised by the verdicts, stating that they were not in line with previous cases.
26. The verdicts were bittersweet for the family of the defendant, who had mixed emotions about the outcome.
27. The judge reminded the jurors not to discuss the case or the verdicts with anyone outside of the courtroom.
28. The defendant's lawyer plans to challenge the verdicts, citing several procedural errors during the trial.
29. The verdicts were announced on live television, with reporters waiting anxiously outside the courtroom.
30. Despite the lengthy trial and complex legal arguments, the jury reached their verdicts in a relatively short amount of time.

Common Phases

1. The verdict is in; the defendant is guilty.
2. After deliberation, the verdict is not guilty; the defendant is acquitted.
3. The jury has made their decision; the verdict is guilty of manslaughter.
4. The judge has reached a verdict; the defendant is sentenced to life in prison.
5. The court has rendered its verdict; the plaintiff is awarded damages.
6. The jury has unanimously reached a verdict; the defendant is found liable.
7. The verdict is finally in; the defendant is found not guilty by reason of insanity.
8. After careful consideration, the verdict is a mistrial; the case will be retried.
9. The verdict is clear; the defendant breached their contract.
10. The court has made a verdict; the defendant is ordered to pay restitution.

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