Achievement example sentences

Related (11): accomplishment, success, triumph, milestone, progress, breakthrough, attainment, victory, feat, conquest, accolade

"Achievement" Example Sentences

1. His great achievement was winning the gold medal in the Olympics.
2. Their scientific achievements have transformed our understanding of the universe.
3. Her academic achievements proved that hard work pays off.
4. His business achievements brought him wealth and fame.
5. Their athletic achievements garnered them national attention.
6. The monument was built to commemorate their military achievements.
7. The Nobel Prize recognizes outstanding intellectual and cultural achievements.
8. The teacher praised the students' academic achievements.
9. Her artistic achievements have earned her critical acclaim.
10. This award recognizes outstanding professional achievements.
11. Their interpersonal achievements have had a lasting impact on society.
12. She takes pride in her daughter's many achievements.
13. His career achievements will serve as an inspiration to future generations.
14. After years of hard work, she finally achieved her dream job.
15. He achieved fame and fortune at a young age.
16. They have achieved much during their time in office.
17. His greatest achievement came late in his career.
18. She achieved her goal of graduating at the top of her class.
19. The team achieved victory through hard work and teamwork.
20. I strive to achieve my personal best in everything I do.
21. The company achieved record profits last quarter.
22. The ambitious student achieved stellar grades.
23. The entrepreneur achieved success through vision and hard work.
24. This represents a huge achievement for the scientific community.
25. His achievement cemented his place in history.
26. Achievements require effort, determination and perseverance.
27. This is her first major achievement since graduating college.
28. Their achievements speak for themselves.
29. The treatment has achieved remarkable results.
30. You have to set goals to achieve progress.
31. He achieved his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.
32. They achieved a diplomatic breakthrough in the peace talks.
33. The athletes have achieved national success.
34. The students achieved high scores on their exams.
35. The athlete achieved a personal best in the race.
36. The researchers had achieved a medical breakthrough.
37. They achieved financial independence at a young age.
38. The team achieved victory through hard work and perseverance.
39. The company has achieved international success.
40. The students achieved honors for their academic achievements.
41. Their achievements are the result of years of hard work and dedication.
42. The investors achieved unprecedented returns on their initial investment.
43. She achieved her goal of running a marathon.
44. The project achieved its intended outcomes.
45. Their plan achieved the desired results.
46. Economic growth has achieved record levels.
47. The program has achieved tremendous success in improving literacy rates.
48. The emerging nation has achieved impressive economic growth.
49. The policies have achieved the intended effect.
50. The medication achieved remission of her symptoms.
51. They achieved the victory through leadership and determination.
52. This policy initiative has achieved bipartisan support.
53. The treatment achieved remarkable results in reducing pain.
54. Our achievements wouldn't be possible without the support of our team members.
55. The project has achieved its goals ahead of schedule.
56. Their innovations have achieved global impact.
57. Her research has achieved international recognition.
58. The athletes achieved world domination in their sport.
59. After years of struggle, he finally achieved his dream.
60. The boy achieved his ambition of becoming an astronaut.

Common Phases

1. A job well done - used to praise someone for their achievement or good work
2. Make an achievement - to accomplish or attain something notable through one's effort
3. Achieve success - to attain a successful outcome or result through one's actions
4. Achieve one's goals - to accomplish the things one aims to do
5. Achieve greatness - to attain a high level of success, fame or importance
6. The pinnacle of achievement - the highest point of what can be achieved
7. An outstanding achievement - something accomplished exceptionally well
8. Achieve the impossible - to accomplish something thought to be very difficult or unlikely
9. Achieve one's full potential - to develop one's talents and abilities to the utmost extent
10. Reach new heights of achievement - to achieve more and at a higher level than before
11. Achieve milestone - to reach an important stage in a process
12. Achieve breakthrough - make an important discovery or development
13. Achieve recognition - gain acknowledgment of one's achievement from others
14. Achieve feats - perform acts that require great skill, courage, or determination
15. Proud of your achievements - pleased and happy about what one has accomplished

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