Amalgame example sentences

Related (12): fusion, amalgamation, blend, mix, combination, synthesis, merger, integration, unification, mingling, coalescence, alloy

"Amalgame" Example Sentences

1. The amalgame of flavors in this dish is exquisite.
2. It is important to ensure that the amalgame of ingredients is well-balanced in a recipe.
3. The artist created a beautiful amalgame of colors in his painting.
4. The amalgame of different musical styles in this song reflects the artist's diverse influences.
5. The amalgame of cultures in this city makes it a truly unique place to visit.
6. The chef's amalgame of spices gives this dish a distinctly exotic flavor.
7. The amalgame of different metals in this alloy gives it its unique properties.
8. The amalgame of languages spoken in this region reflects its diverse history and culture.
9. The amalgame of different fabrics used in this dress gives it a stunning visual texture.
10. The amalgame of ideas in this book reflects the author's broad knowledge and research.
11. The planner needs to ensure there is a good amalgame of activities for people of all ages at the event.
12. The artist focused on creating an amalgame of shapes and lines in her artwork.
13. The amalgame of skills needed for this job is quite varied, so candidates should have a well-rounded set of abilities.
14. The team worked hard to create an amalgame of strategies that would help them achieve their common goal.
15. The amalgame of influences in this film is evident in its unique style and tone.
16. The amalgame of ingredients in this smoothie makes it both delicious and healthy.
17. The amalgame of materials used in this sculpture gives it a fascinating visual texture.
18. The designer utilized an amalgame of patterns and prints in this dress to create a visually stunning effect.
19. The amalgame of sounds in this environmental recording captures the complexity and diversity of the natural world.
20. The writer created an amalgame of characters that are all distinctly unique and interesting in their own ways.
21. The amalgame of perspectives presented in this documentary gives the viewer a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.
22. The artist created an amalgame of textures in this painting that makes it both visually stunning and tactile.
23. The amalgame of flavors in this wine makes it the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes.
24. The performer's amalgame of skills, such as singing, dancing, and acting, allows her to put on an entertaining and engaging show.
25. The chef's amalgame of ingredients in this dish showcases his creativity and culinary expertise.
26. The amalgame of elements in this photograph creates a visually striking image.
27. The scientist utilized an amalgame of research methods to gather data for her study.
28. The amalgame of genres represented in this film festival offers something for everyone.
29. The writer's amalgame of themes in this novel gives it a rich and thought-provoking depth.
30. The designer's amalgame of colors in this outfit creates a visually stunning and cohesive look.

Common Phases

1. L'utilisation de l'amalgame est courante en dentisterie ;
2. La préparation de l'amalgame nécessite l'association de plusieurs métaux ;
3. Les amalgames dentaires peuvent contenir du mercure ;
4. L'amalgame est souvent utilisé pour remplir les cavités dentaires ;
5. Les avantages de l'amalgame dentaire sont sa résistance et sa durabilité ;
6. Certains patients préfèrent éviter l'utilisation d'amalgame en raison de sa composition chimique ;
7. Les dentistes doivent suivre des protocoles stricts pour manipuler l'amalgame en toute sécurité ;
8. Le remplacement des amalgames dentaires est une procédure courante chez les patients souhaitant une alternative plus esthétique.

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