Commingler example sentences

Related (14): mixer, mingler, blender, integrator, fuser, merger, amalgamator, unifier, homogenizer, combiner, melder, intermixer, intermingle, interweaver.

"Commingler" Example Sentences

1. The party was a success, despite the commingler of guests from different social circles.
2. The museum exhibit showcased the commingler of different cultural traditions.
3. Jane's artwork exhibits a commingler of modern and traditional styles.
4. The book explores the commingler of science and spirituality.
5. The recipe called for a commingler of spices to create a unique flavor.
6. The school's curriculum promotes a commingler of academics and extracurricular activities.
7. The band's music is a commingler of different genres.
8. The fashion show featured a commingler of vibrant colors and textures.
9. The park's landscape showcased a commingler of lush trees and blooming flowers.
10. The restaurant's menu offers a commingler of international cuisines.
11. The painting depicts a commingler of emotions and moods.
12. The movie explores a commingler of reality and fantasy.
13. The dance performance showcased a commingler of different styles and techniques.
14. The building's architecture is a commingler of ancient and modern designs.
15. The play's script incorporates a commingler of humor and drama.
16. The language learning app incorporates a commingler of grammar and vocabulary exercises.
17. The furniture set is a commingler of sleek and rustic elements.
18. The jewelry collection features a commingler of precious stones and metals.
19. The poetry book showcases a commingler of different themes and topics.
20. The game's storyline incorporates a commingler of history and mythology.
21. The magazine's content is a commingler of news and entertainment.
22. The recipe book offers a commingler of healthy and indulgent dishes.
23. The garden's layout is a commingler of symmetry and asymmetry.
24. The theater's performance incorporates a commingler of music and dance.
25. The museum's exhibit showcases a commingler of famous paintings and sculptures.
26. The art show features a commingler of different mediums and styles.
27. The novel's plot is a commingler of suspense and romance.
28. The beauty product line offers a commingler of natural and synthetic ingredients.
29. The fashion designer's collection is a commingler of different fabrics and prints.
30. The sports event showcased a commingler of different teams and players.

Common Phases

1. The commingler mixed all the colors together; the end result was a beautiful painting.
2. The commingler blended the ingredients perfectly; the cake was moist and delicious.
3. The commingler merged the two companies seamlessly; the new business was a success.
4. The commingler combined the different genres of music; the concert was a hit.
5. The commingler integrated the diverse group of students; they formed a strong bond.
6. The commingler fused the traditional and modern styles of architecture; the building was a masterpiece.
7. The commingler blended the flavors expertly; the cocktail was a crowd-pleaser.
8. The commingler mixed the various fabrics creatively; the dress was unique and stunning.

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