Configurations example sentences

Related (20): options, setup, arrangement, layout, structure, design, format, mode, pattern, composition, assembly, version, style, profile, schema, framework, system, scheme, shape, order

"Configurations" Example Sentences

1. The software will support multiple operating system configurations.
2. The engineer tested several different antenna configurations for optimal performance.
3. Engineers design and optimize device configurations for specific use cases.
4. Network administrators must properly configure router and switch configurations.
5. The app has many customization options and configuration settings.
6. New configurations were uploaded to all of our system nodes.
7. QA tests thoroughly test all possible hardware and software configurations.
8. The team experimented with different database configurations to improve scalability.
9. The CPU supports various RAM configurations and hard drive options.
10. The module can be assembled in several different physical configurations.
11. Configure WiFi network settings and security configurations.
12. Test coverage should attempt to cover all probable device configurations.
13. Export various server firewall configuration settings.
14. Backup then download your current browser configurations.
15. The startup failed due to an incorrect server configuration.
16. Due to a misconfiguration, the network was down for several hours.
17. We tested over 100 different hardware and software configurations.
18. Web server configurations must be updated to accept new SSL certificates.
19. Database configurations need to be optimized to support high traffic volume.
20. The device supports many different speaker and amplifier configurations.
21. Default app configurations can easily be customized by users.
22. Create load balancer configurations for the new application environment.
23. The system has dozens of possible feature configurations.
24. The hardware comes with several connector and cable configuration options.
25. The configuration settings of the device had not been properly initialized.
26. Configuration files must be generated for each customer installation.
27. Conflicting firewall configurations were causing connectivity issues.
28. The CPU supports various RAM configurations and hard drive options.
29. Several hardware configurations were tested to determine which performs best.
30. Import and export various browser configuration profiles.
31. Old configuration settings were preventing the software from launching.
32. The module can be assembled in various physical configurations.
33. Modify router configurations to allow wider network access.
34. Multiple automation scenarios require different robot configurations.
35. The device features fully customizable instrument configurations.
36. Configure web application security and authentication configurations.
37. Optimization tests will be run across server configuration variations.
38. Policy configurations were updated to reflect the new regulation.
39. The device has a wide range of possible settings and configurations.
40. A script can be used to programmatically configure device configurations.
41. The installation failed due to incompatible software configurations.
42. The server must be reconfigured with the new network configurations.
43. The car engine came with various turbocharger configurations.
44. The user incorrectly configured the browser privacy and security configurations.
45. Test coverage aims to test nearly all possible system configurations.
46. Backup and document all firewall and router configurations.
47. Configure system time zone and language configurations.
48. Update database user configurations to restrict access.
49. Different environments require unique application configurations.
50. The device ships with pre-configured settings and modes of operation.
51. Debugging configurations need to be enabled for testing.
52. Various antenna configurations were tested for phone reception.
53. Ship the device with factory default setting and configuration profiles.
54. All software configurations must support future hardware upgrades.
55. Site configurations were cloned from the production environment.
56. Export and import browser home page and search engine configurations.
57. Sensor calibrations are dependent on system configurations.
58. Database configurations changed unexpectedly during the migration.
59. Configure VPN and printer access point configurations.
60. The designs feature numerous colored plastics and chassis configurations.

Common Phases

1. Multiple configurations - The system supports multiple hardware and software configurations.
2. Various configurations - The device is available in various connector configurations.
3. Different configurations - Different lighting configurations were tested.
4. New configurations - New router configurations were deployed.
5. Default configurations - The app has customizable default configurations.
6. Configuration settings - The configuration settings need to be changed.
7. Current configurations - The current system configurations will not support the upgrade.
8. Possible configurations - Nearly all possible use cases and configurations were tested.

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