Contagion example sentences

Related (10): epidemic, outbreak, infection, transmission, spread, pandemic, disease, pestilence, contagium, contamination

"Contagion" Example Sentences

1. The contagion of the flu spread rapidly through the crowded school.
2. The scientists were studying the contagion of the virus in order to find a cure.
3. The stock market fell due to the contagion of fear among investors.
4. The media sensationalized the contagion of the disease and caused panic.
5. The contagion of gossip spread through the small town like wildfire.
6. The town was quarantined to prevent the contagion from spreading.
7. The contagion of negativity in the workplace was affecting productivity.
8. The country was facing a contagion of poverty and unemployment.
9. The contagion of laughter spread throughout the room, making everyone smile.
10. The doctor warned of the contagion of germs and advised frequent hand-washing.
11. The contagion of violence in the city was a cause for concern.
12. The contagion of the disease was traced back to a single carrier.
13. The government implemented measures to stop the contagion of the virus from spreading.
14. The contagion of hate speech online was a growing problem.
15. The contagion of dishonesty in politics undermined the trust of the people.
16. The contagion of stress in the workplace had led to employee burnout.
17. The contagion of fashion trends swept through the city, with everyone wearing the same style.
18. The contagion of enthusiasm for the new project infected the entire team.
19. The contagion of the flu caused many to be hospitalized.
20. The contagion of panic buying left store shelves empty.
21. The contagion of social media trends influenced popular culture.
22. The contagion of language barrier made communication difficult.
23. The contagion of fear prevented many from traveling during the pandemic.
24. The contagion of fake news led to misinformation and confusion.
25. The contagion of patriotism inspired the citizens to come together as a nation.
26. The contagion of kindness spread throughout the community, with people helping each other.
27. The contagion of materialism led to overspending and debt.
28. The contagion of apathy towards the environment threatened the planet.
29. The contagion of optimism gave hope to those facing difficult times.
30. The contagion of wellness practices made self-care a priority for many.

Common Phases

1. The contagion is spreading rapidly; we need to take strong measures to contain it.
2. The spread of the contagion has caused widespread panic; people are hoarding supplies and avoiding public places.
3. The contagion has infected countless individuals; we need to find a cure as soon as possible.
4. The fear of contagion has led to a decrease in travel and tourism; many businesses are struggling to stay afloat.
5. The outbreak of contagion has highlighted the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation; people are now more aware of how easily diseases can spread.

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