Defrauders example sentences

Related (12): scammers, swindlers, cheats, fraudsters, impostors, tricksters, hucksters, charlatans, phonies, imposters, fakes, dupes

"Defrauders" Example Sentences

1. Defrauders were caught red-handed in the recent investigation.
2. The company implemented strict measures to catch potential defrauders.
3. The defrauders used fake identities to carry out their scheme.
4. The defrauders were able to manipulate the system to their advantage.
5. The defrauders targeted vulnerable individuals for their scam.
6. The court sentenced the defrauders to prison for their crimes.
7. It's difficult to detect defrauders because they often cover their tracks.
8. The authorities are still searching for the remaining defrauders involved in the case.
9. The defrauders stole millions through their fraudulent activities.
10. The defrauders created a fake charity to scam people out of their money.
11. The defrauders posed as legitimate businesses to deceive their victims.
12. The defrauders used online portals to scam unsuspecting customers.
13. The defrauders will face consequences for their illegal actions.
14. The defrauders have caused irreparable damage to the victims.
15. The defrauders acted with a complete disregard for the law.
16. The defrauders were able to con people out of their life savings.
17. The defrauders operated under the guise of a reputable organization.
18. The defrauders used sophisticated techniques to carry out their scam.
19. To prevent becoming a victim of defrauders, always verify the legitimacy of a business before giving out your personal information.
20. The defrauders intentionally misled their victims for personal gain.
21. The defrauders had a well-organized and intricate plan to carry out their scheme.
22. The defrauders were able to infiltrate the company's network to carry out their plan.
23. The defrauders made false promises to lure people into their scheme.
24. The defrauders put their greed above the wellbeing of their victims.
25. The defrauders had been operating for years before they were caught.
26. The defrauders were able to keep their scam going by constantly changing their tactics.
27. The defrauders created fake documents to support their fraudulent activities.
28. The defrauders were able to evade suspicion by blending in with the legitimate transactions.
29. The defrauders were finally caught due to the diligence of the investigating team.
30. The defrauders showed no remorse for their actions during the court trial.

Common Phases

1. Defrauders exploit vulnerable individuals; they take advantage of their trust and naivety.
2. The defrauders used sophisticated technology to execute their plan; they hacked into the system and stole sensitive data.
3. Many defrauders use false identities to commit their crimes; they create fake personas to deceive their victims.
4. Defrauders entice their victims with promises of quick and easy money; they convince them to invest in fraudulent schemes.
5. It is not uncommon for defrauders to operate in groups; they work together to carry out elaborate scams.

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