Defrocks example sentences

Related (3): excommunicates, disqualifies, disrobes


[dēˈfräk] ✕ Play

defrocks (third person present)

  - deprive (a person in holy orders) of ecclesiastical status:

  - deprive (someone) of professional status or membership of a prestigious group:

"Defrocks" Example Sentences

1. The bishop had to defrock the priest who committed a grave sin.
2. The church can defrock a clergy member if they breach the moral code.
3. The pope has the power to defrock a bishop who has committed a serious crime.
4. The religious leader defrocks the monk who had gone against the religious doctrine.
5. The priest pleaded with the church not to defrock him after his scandalous behavior was revealed.
6. The Catholic Church had to defrock a priest who had been accused of sexual misconduct.
7. The bishop announced that he would defrock any member of the clergy who defied the church's teachings.
8. The church tribunal found sufficient evidence to defrock the pastor who had embezzled church funds.
9. The priest apologized for his mistakes, but the church decided to defrock him anyway.
10. The grand rabbi has the authority to defrock a rabbi who acts against the traditions of the Jewish faith.
11. The cardinal was defrocked because of his views on controversial issues that contradict the church's teachings.
12. The church council decided to defrock the bishop who was found guilty of stealing from the church's coffers.
13. The pastor felt betrayed when he was defrocked for being gay despite his years of service to the church.
14. The bishop warned the seminary students that they risked being defrocked if they did not adhere to the moral code.
15. The religious leader gave up his post willingly after he was about to be defrocked.
16. The Catholic Church has guidelines on how to defrock a priest for serious offenses.
17. The pastor was defrocked for committing adultery with a church member, causing a major scandal.
18. The monk was defrocked after he failed to complete his monastic vows.
19. The bishop can choose to defrock a priest if he feels that the moral code has been breached.
20. The church elders voted to defrock the pastor who had made several controversial public statements.
21. The bishop was forced to defrock a priest who had become a public nuisance.
22. The religious order's leaders decided to defrock the nun who had disobeyed their rules.
23. The church cannot defrock a member of the clergy without sufficient evidence of wrongdoing.
24. The pastor was defrocked after he was caught stealing from the church's collection box.
25. The bishop was saddened to defrock the priest who had been his close friend for many years.
26. The Catholic Church has a strict process for defrocking a bishop or priest for pedophilia.
27. The pastor was defrocked after he had a public meltdown during a church service.
28. The priest was defrocked after he publicly declared that he did not believe in God.
29. The bishop had to defrock the priest who had assaulted a minor, causing a scandal in the community.
30. The religious leader decided to defrock the monk who had shown signs of mental illness and instability.

Common Phases

1. The bishop defrocks the pedophile priest;
2. The church defrocks the pastor accused of embezzlement;
3. The school defrocks the teacher caught selling drugs on campus;
4. The organization defrocks the executive who violated company policies;
5. The military defrocks the officer found guilty of misconduct.

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