Disjunctive example sentences

Related (12): alternative, divergent, disconnected, separate, disjointed, unconnected, disparate, distinct, different, isolated, variant, contrasting.

"Disjunctive" Example Sentences

1. You can either come with us to the amusement park or stay home.
2. The dress code for the gala is either black tie or formal attire.
3. The restaurant's menu offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
4. The directions to your destination are either by car or public transportation.
5. You can choose to pay for your purchase in cash or with a credit card.
6. The exam questions are either multiple choice or short answer.
7. The job position requires either a bachelor's or master's degree.
8. The vacation destination can be either a beach resort or a mountain retreat.
9. The package delivery can be either standard or expedited shipping.
10. The grocery store offers either paper or plastic bags.
11. The movie showing times are either in the morning or in the evening.
12. The dress can be worn either for a formal occasion or a casual event.
13. The library book can be borrowed either in print or digital format.
14. The restaurant's menu offers either a la carte or prix fixe options.
15. The flight can be booked either in economy or business class.
16. The conference offers either virtual or in-person attendance.
17. The theme park ride can be experienced either in a seated or standing position.
18. The gym membership offers either a monthly or annual plan.
19. The car rental can be reserved either for a weekend or for a week.
20. The hotel room can be booked either with a single or double occupancy.
21. The photography workshop offers either a beginner or advanced level.
22. The academic program offers either a thesis or non-thesis track.
23. The office dress code allows either business casual or formal attire.
24. The restaurant's menu offers either spicy or mild dishes.
25. The community event can be attended either in-person or virtually.
26. The weather forecast predicts either rain or sunshine for tomorrow.
27. The toy store offers either educational or recreational toys.
28. The wedding invitation specifies either a formal or semi-formal attire.
29. The art exhibit features either contemporary or traditional paintings.
30. The job contract offers either a part-time or full-time position.

Common Phases

1. Either you come with us to the party; or you stay at home and watch TV.
2. The exam will be on Monday; or it will be on Tuesday.
3. He is either running late; or he forgot about the meeting.
4. You can either choose the blue dress; or the red one.
5. We can eat pizza for dinner; or we can go out to a nice restaurant.
6. You can either pay for the item in cash; or with your credit card.
7. The concert will be tonight; or it will be rescheduled for next week.
8. You can either take the stairs; or use the elevator.
9. The store is either closed; or they are out of bread.
10. You can either do your homework now; or you can do it later.

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