Drumming example sentences

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"Drumming" Example Sentences

1. He was drumming his fingers on the table, waiting for the meeting to start.
2. She was drumming up support for her campaign.
3. The rain was drumming against the windowpane.
4. He was drumming his feet on the floor, lost in thought.
5. She was drumming a tune on her knees.
6. The kids were drumming on pots and pans, making a racket.
7. He was drumming his heart out in the band.
8. She was drumming her fingers on the steering wheel, stuck in traffic.
9. The drummer was masterful in his drumming technique.
10. The drumming of hooves was heard in the distance.
11. She was drumming up business for her new startup.
12. The drumming of the rain was soothing to her ears.
13. He was drumming his pencil on the desk, trying to remember the answer.
14. She was drumming her fingers impatiently, waiting for the elevator.
15. The drumming of the hail was loud and frightening.
16. The drumming of the woodpecker could be heard in the forest.
17. He was drumming his fingers in anticipation of the final exam.
18. She was drumming up volunteers for the charity event.
19. The drumming of the band drew a crowd to the concert venue.
20. He was drumming on the dashboard, singing along to his favorite song.
21. She was drumming her fingers on the keyboard, deep in thought.
22. The drumming of the thunder shook the house.
23. The drumming of the crowd’s applause was deafening.
24. He was drumming his stick on the pavement, trying to attract customers.
25. She was drumming up interest in the new exhibition at the museum.
26. The drumming of her heartbeat quickened as she approached the stage.
27. He was drumming his fingers on the armrest, engrossed in the movie.
28. She was drumming her feet on the ground, restless and anxious.
29. The drumming of the river could be heard from afar.
30. The drumming of the improvised drums was surprisingly melodic.

Common Phases

1. The drumming was captivating; it carried me away.
2. The rhythm of the drumming echoed through the room; it fueled our dancing.
3. The drumming intensified; it was reaching a climax.
4. The sound of the drumming was deafening; it filled every corner of the arena.
5. The steady beat of the drumming calmed my nerves; it was like a meditation.
6. The drumming was complex; it required years of practice and dedication.
7. The drumming was native to their culture; it told stories of their ancestors.
8. The drumming signaled the start of the ceremony; it was a sacred tradition.
9. The drumming was playful; it set the tone for a festive mood.
10. The drumming was fast-paced; it matched the adrenaline rush of the crowd.

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