Emptyings example sentences

Related (14): vacancies, clearings, voids, discharges, evictions, depletions, gaps, abandonments, vacating, ejections, exhaustions, drainings, desolations, cleanouts.

"Emptyings" Example Sentences

1. The emptyings of the garbage cans were taken to the dump.
2. The milk jug had several emptyings before it was thrown out.
3. The emptyings of the pencil sharpener littered the desk.
4. The doctor asked for a sample of the emptyings from the patient's stomach.
5. The bird feeder needed frequent emptyings to prevent mold from growing.
6. The waste management company was responsible for the emptyings of the septic tanks in the town.
7. The emptyings of the ashtray were dumped into the trash can.
8. The janitor made nightly emptyings of the school's trash cans.
9. The emptyings of the gasoline tank caused the car to sputter and stall.
10. The fish tank required weekly emptyings to maintain a healthy environment for the fish.
11. The garbage truck made its rounds, making emptyings of every curbside bin.
12. The emptyings of the mousetrap signaled that the pest problem was under control.
13. The compost bin was full of emptyings from the kitchen scraps.
14. The oil change included an emptying of the old oil from the engine.
15. The cleaners made sure to make daily emptyings of the recycling bins in the office.
16. The dishwasher required regular emptyings of the food scraps and debris caught in the filter.
17. The aquarium needed periodic emptyings to remove excess nutrients and waste buildup.
18. The restaurant had a grease trap that required regular emptyings to prevent clogging and backups.
19. The oil tanker made emptyings of its cargo at the refinery.
20. The seagulls feasted on the emptyings of the fishing boats at the dock.
21. The aircraft's fuel tank required emptyings before it could safely land.
22. The sewage plant had a system for regular emptyings of its holding tanks.
23. The loft had a collection of emptyings from the pigeon nests that needed to be cleaned out.
24. The industrial drum needed emptyings of its toxic contents before it could be discarded.
25. The kitchen drain was clogged with grease and needed frequent emptyings to prevent backups.
26. The gas station had an emptying system for its fuel storage tanks.
27. The dump truck made emptyings of the construction debris pile at the job site.
28. The swimming pool had a maintenance schedule that included emptyings and cleanings of the filter.
29. The oil spill required emergency emptyings of the contaminated water to prevent spread to other areas.
30. The laboratory requested a sample of the emptyings from the petri dishes for further analysis.

Common Phases

1. The last few months were filled with constant emptyings; the end of a long-term relationship, a difficult job loss, and the passing of a close friend.
2. She felt like she was constantly going through emptyings; giving away clothes that no longer fit, donating books she had already read, and throwing out old paperwork.
3. The therapy sessions often led to emotional emptyings; crying through childhood trauma, confronting long-standing fears, and admitting difficult truths.
4. The move to a new city brought about feelings of emptiness; leaving behind familiar faces, adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings, and starting a new chapter.
5. As the pandemic raged on, many people experienced financial emptyings; losing their jobs, struggling to pay bills, and worrying about their financial future.

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