Expel example sentences

Related (10): Remove, eject, expulse, evict, dismiss, banish, oust, ostracize, supplant, eliminate.

"Expel" Example Sentences

1. The school expelled the student for misconduct.
2. The organization expelled the member for unethical behavior.
3. The invading army expelled the citizens from their homeland.
4. The gas expelled from his stomach caused him embarrassment.
5. The judge ordered the juvenile delinquent to be expelled from public school.
6. The volcano expelled ash and lava which covered the surrounding area.
7. The dentist used air to expel the water from my ears.
8. The soldiers expelled the intruders from the compound.
9. The thieves were expelled from the premises.
10. The criminal was expelled from the country.
11. The air expelled from my lungs created ripples on the water's surface.
12. The committee voted to expel the member for inappropriate conduct.
13. The force of the impact expelled the air from my lungs.
14. The university expelled the student athlete for accepting illegal benefits.
15. The rebel forces sought to expel the occupying invaders.
16. She expelled the unwanted thought from her mind.
17. The principal's action in expelling the students went too far.
18. The fire expel smoke and embers into the night sky.
19. The referee expelled the player from the game for violent conduct.
20. They expelled me from the group for no reason at all.
21. The disturbances led the governor to expel citizens from their homes.
22. His bad breath expelled noxious fumes into the air.
23. The body expelled waste through natural processes.
24. She expelled him from her life forever.
25. The dictator expelled dissenters and political opponents.
26. The expelled students gathered outside the school in protest.
27. His action in expelling me was unjustified.
28. The blow to my stomach expelled the air from my lungs.
29. The flood expelled many families from their homes.
30. The company expelled the worker for inappropriate comments.
31. The violent blast expelled shrapnel in all directions.
32. The judge expelled spectators from the courtroom for disorderly behavior.
33. She expelled the liquid from her lungs through coughing.
34. I expelled the unwanted visitor from my home.
35. The explosion expelled body parts in every direction.
36. The movement seeks to expel foreign occupiers.
37. The enemy forces were expelled from the capital city.
38. The blow to my stomach expelled the air in a whoosh.
39. The surgeon used suction to expel fluids from the wound.
40. The rule change led many members to expel themselves.
41. The dictator's troops expelled citizens from their villages.
42. The medication helped expel the parasite from my body.
43. The invading troops sought to expel the rebels from the province.
44. He expelled a sigh of relief when he saw her.
45. The gas expelled from the volcano covered the landscape.
46. Her breath expelled the sweet scent of peppermint.
47. The liquid expelled from his punctured lung was bloody.
48. The dictator sought to expel all opponents and dissenters.
49. The dictator expelled many intellectuals and artists from the country.
50. The judge took action to expel the rowdy spectators.
51. The violent clash expelled citizens from their homes.
52. The force of the impact expelled the air from my chest in a whoosh.
53. The rebels fought to expel the foreign troops.
54. The police expelled the suspect from the building.
55. I expelled the dirty water from my ears with suction.
56. Foul play led the committee to expel several members.
57. The venom expelled from the snake was deadly.
58. They expelled the intruder from the restricted area.
59. He was expelled from several clubs for unruly behavior.
60. The military sought to expel rebels from key population centers.

Common Phases

1. The university expelled the student for cheating.
2. The school principal is considering expelling the student for misconduct.
3. They had to expel several members for violating the club's rules.
4. The dictator expelled all dissenters and political opponents from the country.
5. France expelled many immigrants for have no visas.
6. Scientists hope that the new treatment will expel the virus from the patient's body.
7. The force of the explosion expelled shrapnel in all directions.
8. The authorities expelled hundreds of refugees back across the border.
9. The law calls for expelling students guilty of certain offenses.
10. The court ordered the inmate expelled from the prison.
11. The judge recommended expelling the diplomat for spying.
12. My parents threatened to expel me from the house if I didn't improve my grades.
13. The guards expelled all protesters from the government building.
14. The referee expelled the player from the game for his bad behavior.
15. The principal expelled the student for bringing a weapon to school.
16. The landlord threatened to expel the tenants for not paying the rent.
17. The guards expel visitors after closing.
18. The governor expelled the corrupt officials from office.
19. The king expelled his rebellious son from court.
20. The movement aims to expel foreigners from the country.
21. The exhalation expelled the stale air from her lungs.
22. The explosion expels debris for miles.
23. The judge expelled the unruly spectators from the courtroom.
24. The security team expelled the disruptive guest from the event.
25. The larvae expel waste products through their skin.
26. The act of expulsion left a stain on his record.
27. The country expelled most illegal immigrants.
28. Congress voted to expel the scandal-ridden member.
29. The team couldn't afford to expel its star player.
30. The system expelled waste through the drain.
31. The bill seeks to expel military leaders convicted of abuse.
32. The mayor promised to expel the drug dealers from the neighborhood.
33. The Prime Minister threatened to expel rebels from parliament.
34. The army expelled the enemy from their territory.
35. His stomach couldn't expel the foreign objects.
36. The train expels hot air as it slows down.
37. The spirits are said to expel evil from a place.
38. The university plans to expel record numbers of disruptive students this year.
39. The pastor's threats failed to expel the devil possessing the boy.
40. Security forces expelled protestors from the park.
41. The constitution calls for expelling any senator convicted of treason.
42. The hurricane expels fierce winds and torrential rains.
43. The doctor recommended expelling the fluid buildup with medication.
44. The doctor tried to expel the infection with antibiotics.
45. The politician's supporters tried to expel rumors of corruption.
46. The government expel officials accused of fraud.
47. The legislation seeks to expel all undocumented immigrants.
48. The militants expelled foreign businesses from the city.
49. The eruption expelled ash and lava high into the air.
50. Officials threatened to expel the boy from school.
51. The king expelled his rebellious supporters from the country.
52. The hurricane's powerful winds expel debris in all directions.
53. The sneeze expelled mucus from her nose and sinuses.
54. The fugitives were expelled from their country for plotting against the leader.
55. The congressional censure motion sought to expel the member.
56. The rescue workers tried to expel the gas from the mines.
57. The venom expelled from the snake's fangs.
58. The doctor tried to expel the gallstones with medication.
59. The graduation speaker warned expelled students not to disturb the ceremony.
60. The crowd expelled the pickpockets from the festival.

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