Favorable example sentences

Related (10): beneficial, advantageous, positive, propitious, encouraging, auspicious, opportune, supportive, friendly, agreeable


[ˈfāv(ə)r(ə)bəl] ✕ Play

favourable (adjective) · favorable (adjective)

  - expressing approval:

  - giving consent:

  - to the advantage of someone or something:

  - (of a wind) blowing in the direction of travel:

  - (of weather, or a period of time judged in terms of its weather) fine:

  - suggesting a good outcome:


approving, commendatory, commending, praising, complimentary, flattering, glowing, appreciative, enthusiastic, good, pleasing, agreeable, successful, positive, affirmative, assenting, agreeing, concurring, encouraging, reassuring, supportive, unfavorable, critical, negative, advantageous, beneficial, helpful, good, right, conducive, convenient, suitable, fit, fitting, appropriate, propitious, auspicious, hopeful, promising, fair, encouraging, disadvantageous, Legal

"Favorable" Example Sentences

1. The weather conditions are favorable for hiking.
2. The findings of the study were favorable to the new treatment.
3. The company received a favorable review from the critics.
4. The jury’s decision was favorable to the defendant.
5. The athlete had a favorable performance at the tournament.
6. The job offer came with a favorable salary package.
7. The news of the promotion was very favorable to the employee.
8. The supervisor gave a favorable report on the employee’s progress.
9. The outcome of the negotiation was favorable to both parties.
10. The politician received a favorable response from the voters.
11. The market conditions are favorable for investors.
12. The research shows that the product has favorable results.
13. The team’s performance was favorable for the entire season.
14. The weather forecast is favorable for the outdoor event.
15. The proposal received a favorable vote from the committee.
16. The customer reviews are favorable for the new restaurant.
17. The data analysis revealed favorable trends in sales.
18. The company’s financial report showed a favorable outcome.
19. The medicine had a favorable effect on the patient’s health.
20. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly favorable.
21. The book received favorable reviews from notable critics.
22. The candidate’s favorable stance on issues resonated with voters.
23. The movie premiere had a favorable turnout.
24. The weather conditions were not favorable for driving.
25. The competition rules were not favorable to the contestants.
26. The investment did not yield a favorable return.
27. The artist’s new painting received favorable feedback from critics.
28. The product launch was not as favorable as expected.
29. The coach’s favorable strategy led to a victory for the team.
30. The housing market is currently favorable for buyers.

Common Phases

1. The weather is favorable for our outdoor picnic; let's go ahead with our plan!
2. The results of the survey are favorable; we can expect a positive response from the audience.
3. The coach's decision was favorable to our team; we have a good chance of winning the game.
4. The market conditions are favorable for investing; it's a good time to buy stocks.
5. The customer reviews were favorable for the product; we should continue to promote it.
6. The political climate is favorable to passing the bill; we might see some progress soon.
7. The doctor's prognosis was favorable for the patient; we can hope for a full recovery.

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