Fodders example sentences

Related (20): hay, straw, silage, alfalfa, corn, oats, barley, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, millet, grass, forage, feed, chaff, ensilage, bran, meal, pellets, cornstarch.

"Fodders" Example Sentences

1. The farmer was careful to store his fodders properly to avoid spoilage.
2. The animals eagerly ate the fresh fodders provided to them.
3. The city slicker was amazed by the huge piles of fodders on the farm.
4. The fodder silos were filled to the brim with hay and alfalfa.
5. The cows mooed contentedly as they chewed on the sweet-smelling fodders.
6. The horses neighed in excitement when the farmer brought out the fresh fodders.
7. The birds twittered happily as they pecked at the bits of fodder scattered on the ground.
8. The rabbits nibbled on the deliciously green fodders in their pens.
9. The goats butted each other playfully while munching on their fodders.
10. The sheep bleated plaintively when their fodders ran low.
11. The pigs oinked loudly and snuffled eagerly at the troughs filled with fodders.
12. The donkey brayed impatiently, waiting for his turn to eat the fodders.
13. The farmer loaded the fodders onto the wagon to transport them to a different field.
14. The barn was stacked high with bales of fodder for the winter months.
15. The cattle rancher purchased a large amount of fodders to feed his herds.
16. The chicken farmer stored the fodders in a secure shed to prevent theft.
17. The dairy farmer was proud of the high quality of his fodders.
18. The hay baler compressed the freshly cut fodder into neat bales.
19. The herd of deer wandered through the meadow, grazing on the tender fodders.
20. The hunting party searched the forest for signs of deer nibbling on the fodders.
21. The field of maize was ripe for harvest, a rich source of staple fodders.
22. The livestock enjoyed the variety of fodders offered to them each day.
23. The stable boy scooped out portions of fodders for each horse in the barn.
24. The zookeeper was meticulous about storing the fodders to ensure the animals' health.
25. The dairy cow produced more milk when fed a diet of high-quality fodders.
26. The racehorse trainer monitored the fodders given to his prize stallion.
27. The veterinary technician assessed the quality of the fodders to determine any potential health hazards.
28. The neglected horses were malnourished and lacking in sufficient fodders.
29. The rabbits hopped energetically in their pens after eating their tasty fodders.
30. The farmer measured out the appropriate amount of fodders for each animal in his care.
31. The fields were abundant with fodders, providing a generous harvest for the upcoming winter.
32. The rancher knew the importance of providing his cattle with healthy and nutritious fodders.
33. The piglets squealed with delight when they discovered the pile of fresh fodders.
34. The chicken coop was filled with clucking hens pecking at the fodders strewn about.
35. The goats bleated loudly when they saw the farmer approaching with their daily fodders.
36. The sheepdog barked fiercely whenever a predator approached the herd grazing on the fodders.
37. The donkey brayed in protest when his fodders ran low, demanding more to eat.
38. The zoo animals eagerly assembled at the feeding troughs when the fodders were dispersed.
39. The smallholder farmer carefully tended to his crop of fodders in anticipation of a bountiful harvest.
40. The backyard chicken keeper stocked up on fodders to last through the winter months.

Common Phases

1. The farmers gathered the fodders; they needed to prepare for the dry season.
2. The cattle were grazing on the fodders; they looked healthy and content.
3. She filled the basket with fodders; they would last her horse for a few days.
4. The village stored the fodders in a large barn; they would be used to feed the livestock during the winter.
5. Their animals were hungry; they needed to collect the fodders as soon as possible.

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