Foe example sentences

Related (11): enemy, adversary, opponent, rival, antagonist, nemesis, detractor, competitor, contender, hostile, combatant.

"Foe" Example Sentences

1. The warrior always kept his sword sharp, ready to strike down any foe.
2. The villainous king knew that the prince was his biggest foe.
3. The cunning fox was able to outsmart its forest foes.
4. The superhero faced a powerful foe in his latest battle.
5. The country was once a great ally of theirs, but now it had become a foe.
6. The defender knocked the ball away from his foe, preventing a goal.
7. The hunter carefully tracked his prey, knowing it could turn into a dangerous foe.
8. The politician's popularity began to wane as his opponents labeled him a foe of progress.
9. The spy infiltrated the enemy's base, gathering information on their strategies and potential foes.
10. The brave soldier was not afraid to face his foe, no matter how strong they may be.
11. The two candidates were bitter foes, both vying for the same position.
12. The mothership was the ultimate foe in the video game, requiring excellent strategy to defeat.
13. The wrestler's powerful slam left his foe lying on the mat, struggling to get up.
14. The farmer had many foes in the form of pests and weather, constantly threatening his harvest.
15. The detective analyzed every clue to uncover the identity of the unknown foe.
16. The athlete was determined to break the world record, even though it meant competing against several formidable foes.
17. The commander ordered his troops to defend themselves against any approaching foe.
18. The adventurer braved dangerous terrain and battled fierce foes on his quest for treasure.
19. The scientist discovered a new strain of bacteria that could potentially become a deadly foe.
20. The spy was trained to mask his emotions and never let his foe see any vulnerabilities.
21. The mountaineer had to be prepared for the sudden changes in weather and possible animal foes along his ascent.
22. The battered knight was eventually defeated by his strong foe in a grueling battle.
23. The persecuted minority group stood strong against their cultural foes, determined to preserve their traditions.
24. The composer's unique style and disregard for convention made many traditionalists view him as a foe of classical music.
25. The detective had to stay vigilant of any potential foe, as trust could be easily misplaced.
26. The climber had to stay focused and alert for any loose rocks or hidden foes on the mountain.
27. The politician's controversial stance on immigration made him a foe of many citizens.
28. The teacher did not tolerate bullies, encouraging her students to stand up to their foes.
29. The computer program was designed to simulate potential business scenarios and propose effective ways of defeating competitors and foes.
30. The hero realized that his arch-nemesis was much more than just a foe, but someone he had a troubled past with.

Common Phases

1. My greatest foe is myself;
2. Our biggest foe is time;
3. He proved to be a fierce foe in battle;
4. The weather can be a formidable foe;
5. The two teams are bitter foes on the field;
6. Poverty is a relentless foe;
7. Fear can be a constant foe in life.

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