Handyman example sentences

Related (3): repairman, jack-of-all-trades, fixer

"Handyman" Example Sentences

1. The handyman fixed the leaky faucet.
2. I called the handyman to install the new door knob.
3. He works as a handyman to earn some extra money.
4. The handyman tightened the loose banister on the staircase.
5. The handyman repaired the broken window screen.
6. We hired a handyman to assemble the new bookshelves.
7. The handyman caulked around the tub to stop the leak.
8. The handyman hung the new ceiling fan.
9. The handyman nailed the loose floorboard back into place.
10. I needed a handyman to fix the squeaky hinges on the front door.
11. The handyman serviced the air conditioner before summer.
12. The handyman patched the hole in the wall where a picture had been.
13. The handyman replaced the burnt out light bulbs throughout the house.
14. The handyman charged a reasonable fee for fixing the garage door opener.
15. The handyman resealed around the bathtub and sink to stop water damage.
16. The handyman doweled and glued the broken kitchen table leg.
17. The handyman installed the new toilet and connected the water line.
18. The handyman has a wide range of skills to fix simple problems.
19. The handyman mended the rattling screen door hinge with WD-40.
20. The handyman trimmed the overgrown hedges and raked the leaves.
21. I pay the handyman to do minor repairs around the house periodically.
22. The handyman adjusted the treadle on the sewing machine.
23. The handyman recaulked the tub and tile to prevent mold growth.
24. The handyman replaced the old outlets with grounded ones.
25. The handyman relevelled the wobbly fridge with shims.
26. The handyman tightened all the loose hardware throughout the house.
27. The handyman repaired the stuck drawer by removing the old glides.
28. The handyman reset the circuit breaker after the power went out.
29. The handyman replaced the burnt pilot light on the water heater.
30. The handyman charged a small fee to fix the dripping kitchen faucet.
31. My father often does handyman jobs around the neighborhood.
32. The handyman cleared the clogged kitchen sink drain.
33. The handyman caulked around the tub to stop water from leaking through.
34. The handyman reattached the loose carpet tacks.
35. The handyman checked the attic insulation for gaps.
36. The handyman hung shelving and pictures for a small fee.
37. The handyman secured the loose railing on the porch steps.
38. The handyman replaced the broken storm window.
39. The handyman regrouted the cracked tile in the bathroom.
40. The handyman oiled the squeaky hinges and door knobs.
41. I asked the handyman to change the air filter in the furnace.
42. The handyman tightened the loose doorknob screw and latch.
43. The handyman reattached the loose solar lights in the garden.
44. The handyman rewired the outlet that had stopped working.
45. The handyman adjusted the sagging kitchen cabinets.
46. The handyman secured the wobbly ceiling fan.
47. The handyman adjusted the bedroom door so it would close properly.
48. The handyman fastened the loose stair tread with construction adhesive.
49. The handyman replaced the brittle garden hose that had sprung a leak.
50. The handyman recaulked the bathtub to prevent further leaking.
51. I called the handyman to fix the sump pump before the rains came.
52. The handyman reset the circuit breaker after it had tripped.
53. The handyman replaced the burnt-out floodlight bulbs in the garage.
54. The handyman applied weather stripping around the drafty door frame.
55. The handyman reinstalled the loose tiles in the bathroom floor.
56. The handyman replaced the thermostat batteries when the heat stopped working.
57. The handyman tightened the garage door hinges to reduce the noise.
58. The handyman replaced the cracked ceramic knob on the stove.
59. The handyman installed a new brake light in the truck.
60. The handyman mended the hole in the screen door with nylon mesh.

Common Phases

1. Do-it-yourself handyman
2. Weekend/part-time handyman
3. Hire a handyman
4. Call a handyman
5. Handyman services
6. A handy handyman
7. Jack of all trades handyman
8. Odd jobs handyman
9. Local handyman
10. Handyman around the house
11. General handyman
12. Handyman's tool kit
13. Minor repairs handyman
14. Need a handyman
15. Hire a handyman for small jobs
16. Handyman on call
17. Handyman tasks
18. Handyman chores
19. Professional handyman
20. licensed/insured handyman

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