Labourers example sentences

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[ˈlāb(ə)rər] ✕ Play

labourers (plural noun)

  - a person doing unskilled manual work for wages:


workman, worker, hand, roustabout, drudge, menial, peon, navvy, cottar, kanaka, mechanic, cottier

"Labourers" Example Sentences

1. The construction site employed dozens of labourers.
2. The agricultural sector heavily relies on migrant labourers.
3. The company was accused of exploiting its underpaid labourers.
4. The government promised to create more job opportunities for local labourers.
5. The old factory closed down, leaving hundreds of skilled labourers unemployed.
6. The new industrial park will provide employment for thousands of labourers.
7. The union negotiated for better working conditions and wages for the labourers.
8. The railway project required a massive workforce of experienced labourers.
9. The mining company recruited a team of skilled labourers to work in dangerous conditions.
10. The plantation hired seasonal labourers to harvest its crops.
11. The docklands were bustling with activity as labourers loaded and unloaded cargo ships.
12. The factory owner invested in new equipment to enhance the productivity of his labourers.
13. The construction company provided protective gear and safety training for its labourers.
14. The labourers worked long hours to meet the project deadline.
15. The government implemented policies to protect the rights of migrant labourers.
16. The economic crisis resulted in many labourers losing their jobs.
17. The textile industry heavily relies on female labourers.
18. The development project provided a source of income for landless labourers.
19. The building collapsed, killing many innocent labourers who were trapped inside.
20. The construction supervisor closely monitored the progress of the labourers.
21. The trade unions organized protests to demand better wages and conditions for the labourers.
22. The labourers demanded to be paid overtime for their additional hours of work.
23. The agriculture industry faced a labour shortage during peak harvest season.
24. The contractor hired a team of labourers to carry out the excavation work.
25. The labourers were subjected to harsh working conditions and verbal abuse from their employers.
26. The government allocated funds to build housing for migrant labourers.
27. The factory utilized the skills of skilled foreign labourers to improve its productivity.
28. The skilled labourers formed a cooperative to negotiate better prices for their services.
29. The infrastructure project provided employment opportunities for local labourers.
30. The local government set up a training center for aspiring labourers to develop their skills.

Common Phases

1. The labourers were busy clearing the construction site; some were digging trenches while others were carrying heavy equipment.
2. In the scorching heat, the labourers toiled hard to lay the foundation of the building; their determination and hard work were commendable.
3. The group of labourers were working in unison, each performing their task with precision and speed; it was clear that they had worked together for a long time.
4. The skilled labourers were creating intricate carvings on the wooden panels; their expertise and attention to detail were impeccable.
5. Despite the rain, the labourers continued to work tirelessly to complete the road repairs; their dedication to their work was admirable.
6. A group of migrant labourers had been hired to harvest the crops; their hard work ensured that the produce was harvested on time and efficiently.
7. The construction company employed a team of labourers from a nearby village; their hard work and perseverance helped complete the project ahead of schedule.
8. The labourers were taking a break from their work, sitting under the shade of a tree and sipping on water; they deserved the rest after a long day's work.

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