Scapegoatism example sentences

Related (10): blame-shifting, fault-finding, finger-pointing, finger-wagging, accusation, condemnation, reproach, criticism, denunciation, vilification.

"Scapegoatism" Example Sentences

1. Scapegoatism is a toxic trend that we need to eradicate from our society.
2. Political leaders often resort to scapegoatism to shift the blame from themselves.
3. Scapegoatism is a manifestation of people's fear and insecurity.
4. The rise of populism is closely linked to the prevalence of scapegoatism in society.
5. Scapegoatism thrives on the demonization of certain groups of people.
6. Scapegoatism is a symptom of a deeper problem plaguing our society.
7. The media often perpetuates scapegoatism by stereotyping certain groups of people.
8. Scapegoatism can have serious consequences for those who are unfairly targeted.
9. The history of mankind is rife with examples of scapegoatism.
10. Scapegoatism often leads to discrimination and injustice.
11. Scapegoatism can be counteracted with education and awareness.
12. Scapegoatism is a divisive force that weakens the fabric of our society.
13. Leaders who resort to scapegoatism lack the courage to take responsibility for their actions.
14. Scapegoatism is often used as a tool to distract people from more pressing issues.
15. Those who engage in scapegoatism are often driven by a desire for power or control.
16. Scapegoatism can be traced back to primitive human societies.
17. Scapegoatism is a failure of empathy and compassion.
18. The roots of scapegoatism lie in ignorance and prejudice.
19. Scapegoatism breeds hatred and intolerance.
20. The consequences of scapegoatism can be devastating for individuals and communities.
21. Scapegoatism is a form of psychological manipulation.
22. Those who engage in scapegoatism lack the intellectual rigor to address complex issues.
23. Scapegoatism is often used as a tool of propaganda by those in power.
24. Scapegoatism perpetuates a false sense of superiority among those who engage in it.
25. Scapegoatism is antithetical to the principles of justice and fairness.
26. The prevalence of scapegoatism in our society is a cause for concern.
27. Those who fall victim to scapegoatism often suffer in silence.
28. The fight against scapegoatism requires a collective effort from all members of society.
29. Scapegoatism can only be defeated through education, dialogue, and understanding.
30. The dangers of scapegoatism cannot be overstated; it has been the cause of countless atrocities throughout history.

Common Phases

not repeat phrases!
1. Don't blame me; it's not my fault.
2. They always pick on me; I'm their favorite scapegoat.
3. It's easy to pin everything on me; I'm the outsider here.
4. I'm tired of being the scapegoat; someone else needs to take responsibility.
5. Why does everything bad happen to me; I'm sick of being the scapegoat.
6. You're just trying to make me the scapegoat; stop blaming me for your mistakes.
7. I know I'm the scapegoat; I just wish people would stop looking for someone to blame.
8. They're just using me as the scapegoat; it's not fair.
9. I can't believe you're making me the scapegoat; I had nothing to do with this.
10. Being the scapegoat is getting old; can we find a better way to solve problems?

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