Outrage example sentences

Related (9): anger, fury, indignation, resentment, outrageously, scandalous, offensive, abhorrent, unacceptable.


[ˈoutˌrāj] ✕ Play

outrage (noun) · outrages (plural noun)

  - an extremely strong reaction of anger, shock, or indignation:

  - an action or event causing anger, shock, or indignation:

  - arouse fierce anger, shock, or indignation in (someone):

  - violate or infringe flagrantly (a principle, law, etc.):


indignation, fury, anger, rage, disapproval, wrath, shock, resentment, horror, disgust, amazement, affront, scandal, offense, insult, injustice, disgrace, infamy, atrocity, evil, abomination, obscenity, crime, wrong, horror, enormity, violation, brutality, barbarism, barbarity, villainy, enrage, infuriate, incense, anger, scandalize, offend, affront, shock, horrify, disgust, revolt, repel, appall, displease, Wikipedia

"Outrage" Example Sentences

1. The community was in a state of outrage after the brutal attack.
2. His statements caused outrage among the crowd.
3. The company's decision to lay off hundreds of workers sparked outrage.
4. The politician's scandalous behavior provoked outrage from the public.
5. Many customers expressed their outrage when the store closed without warning.
6. The verdict of the trial led to widespread outrage.
7. The filmmaker's remarks about a particular group caused outrage on social media.
8. The outrage felt by the victim's family was palpable in the courtroom.
9. The artist's controversial exhibit elicited outrage from some members of the community.
10. Calls for justice reflected the public's outrage over the police shooting.
11. The cartoon depicting a religious figure caused widespread outrage.
12. The senator's insensitive comments were met with shock and outrage.
13. The lack of action by the authorities only fueled the public's outrage.
14. The company's insensitive advertising campaign sparked outrage among some customers.
15. The news that the company was cutting benefits was met with disbelief and outrage.
16. The community came together in outrage to demand change after a tragic event.
17. The young girl's disappearance triggered an outpouring of outrage and sadness.
18. The prosecutor's decision not to press charges sparked outrage from the victim's family.
19. The arrest of the popular celebrity caused outrage among his fans.
20. The lack of punishment for the perpetrator caused massive outrage.
21. The family's inability to get justice only fueled their outrage further.
22. The president's decision to veto the bill caused outrage in Congress.
23. The local politician's embezzlement scandal provoked outrage from constituents.
24. The athlete's suspension caused outrage among his team and fans alike.
25. The company's history of unfair labor practices led to widespread outrage.
26. The victim's family was outraged when the accused received a light sentence.
27. The social media campaign gained momentum as users expressed their outrage.
28. The company's decision to use hazardous materials caused public outrage and concern.
29. The discriminatory policies of the restaurant provoked outrage from civil rights groups.
30. The police department's handling of the case was met with public outrage and protests.

Common Phases

1. This is outrageous; I can't believe what I'm hearing.
2. I'm outraged; this is unacceptable behavior.
3. Outrageous; how could they even think of doing that?
4. I'm absolutely outraged; how could they get away with that?
5. Outrageous; I demand justice for this wrongdoing.
6. This is an outrage; I won't stand for it.
7. I'm filled with outrage; how could they be so heartless?
8. Outrageous; someone needs to hold them accountable.
9. This is an outrage; I refuse to be silent.
10. I'm outraged; we need to do something about this.

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