People example sentences

Related (10): individuals, persons, citizens, inhabitants, community, populace, society, masses, population, public


[ˈpēp(ə)l] ✕ Play

people (plural noun) · the people (noun) · people (noun) · peoples (plural noun) · one's people (noun) · one's peoples (plural noun)

  - human beings in general or considered collectively:

  - the citizens of a country, especially when considered in relation to those who govern them:

  - those without special rank or position in society; the populace:

  - the state prosecution in a trial:

  - the men, women, and children of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group:

  - the supporters or employees of a person in a position of power or authority:

  - one's parents or relatives:

  - (of a group of people) inhabit (a place):

  - fill or be present in (a place, environment, or domain):

  - fill (an area or place) with a particular group of inhabitants:


[ˈpərs(ə)n] ✕ Play

people (plural noun)

  - a human being regarded as an individual:

  - used in legal or formal contexts to refer to an unspecified individual:

  - an individual characterized by a preference or liking for a specified thing:

  - a character in a play or story:

  - an individual's body:

  - a category used in the classification of pronouns, possessive determiners, and verb forms, according to whether they indicate the speaker (first person), the addressee (second person), or a third party (third person).

  - each of the three modes of being of God, namely the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit, who together constitute the Trinity.


persons, individuals, humans, mankind, humankind, humanity, mortals, personages, citizens, subjects, electors, voters, taxpayers, residents, inhabitants, citizenry, nation, population, populace, community, society, race, tribe, clan, strain, stock, caste, nation, country, population, populace, breed, folk, seed, family, parents, relatives, relations, folk, kinsmen, kin, kinsfolk, kinfolk, populate, colonize, inhabit, occupy, be, individual, human, being, soul, mortal, creature, fellow, figure, personage, wight, individual, creature, fellow, man, woman, wight, ego, I, oneself, persona, identity, character, personality, psyche, soul, spirit, mind, intellect, other, body, self, backside, Wikipedia

"People" Example Sentences

1. Many people gathered at the stadium for the concert.
2. Some people learn better through listening than reading.
3. Hard-working people are usually successful.
4. Good leaders value and respect all people equally.
5. The company promotes from within whenever possible to reward dedicated people.
6. The civil rights movement fought for equal treatment of all people.
7. Some people never give up on their dreams no matter how long it takes.
8. Kind people make the world a better place.
9. Most people want to feel loved and accepted.
10. Politicians should work to serve the needs of all people.
11. Technology has the power to connect people globally like never before.
12. Inspiring people motivate those around them through their example.
13. Creative people see possibilities that others miss.
14. Some people think best when walking or exercising.
15. Different cultures have diverse customs and values shaped by people over time.
16. Vulnerable people deserve special care and protection.
17. Talkative people often make interesting companions.
18. Introverted people need time alone to recharge.
19. Resourceful people find solutions where others see only obstacles.
20. Poor people deserve opportunities for education and employment.
21. Visual thinkers see ideas in pictures before explaining them to people.
22. Generous people give freely without expectation of reward.
23. Childish people refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
24. Intelligent people embrace learning opportunities.
25. Simple acts of kindness can impact many people.
26. Some people believe that money is the key to happiness.
27. Curious people actively seek out new information.
28. Dangerous people should be identified and stopped before harming others.
29. Self-centered people focus only on their own needs and desires.
30. Lonely people often desire companionship more than anything else.
31. Brave people take risks even when facing uncertainty or danger.
32. Trustworthy people keep their word and follow through on commitments.
33. Angry people may attack others out of misdirected frustration.
34. Impatient people often act emotionally without thinking things through.
35. Most people prefer stability and security over constant change.
36. Greedy people want more than they actually need.
37. Kind-hearted people ease the suffering of others.
38. Unhealthy people strain resources meant for all in society.
39. Needy people often lack self-confidence and self-reliance.
40. Mature people consider consequences before acting.
41. Honest people admit when they are wrong and make amends.
42. Successful people often attribute their achievements to lucky breaks and help from others.
43. Some people carry hurt and resentment for years.
44. Dedicated people persevere through challenge and adversity.
45. Insightful people grasp the deeper meaning behind words and actions.
46. Inconsiderate people disrupt the lives of those around them.
47. Religious people find meaning and purpose in their faith.
48. Spiritual people seek wisdom and truth through inner experience.
49. Responsible people fulfill their duties to the best of their abilities.
50. Empathetic people strive to understand others' feelings and perspectives.

Common Phases

1. Disagreeable people
2. Unkind people
3. The most interesting people
4. Hardworking people
5. Trustworthy people
6. Gullible people
7. Useful people
8. Kindhearted people
9. Mean-spirited people
10. Creative people
11. Intelligent people
12. Lonely people
13. Knowledgeable people
14. Talented people
15. Vulnerable people
16. Ambitious people
17. Bad-tempered people
18. Brave people
19. Dangerous people
20. Different kinds of people

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