Plush example sentences

Related (14): Soft, luxurious, comfortable, velvety, padded, opulent, lavish, cozy, sumptuous, rich, indulgent, fancy, extravagant, lush.

"Plush" Example Sentences

1. The plush velvet curtains were shimmery and elegant.
2. She sank into the plush leather armchair, enjoying its comfort.
3. The luxurious hotel room boasted plush bedding and pillows.
4. His plush toy collection was impressive, with a range of animals and characters.
5. The cat stretched out on the plush carpet, purring contentedly.
6. The plush robe was warm and soft against her skin.
7. The stuffed bear was made of the softest plush material.
8. The extravagant party setting included plush sofas and opulent decor.
9. The baby's crib had plush bedding to ensure a comfortable sleep.
10. His car had plush seats and a smooth driving experience.
11. The theater had plush seating and excellent views of the stage.
12. The plush throw blanket kept her cozy on cold nights.
13. The spa had plush robes and slippers for customers to wear.
14. The plush interior of the restaurant gave it a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
15. The hotel lobby featured plush chairs and couches for guests to lounge in.
16. The plush grass in the park was perfect for picnicking.
17. The stuffed unicorn was covered in shiny pink plush material.
18. The plush surface of the tennis court allowed for a better grip on the ball.
19. The gift basket was filled with plush toys and other fun treats.
20. The hotel suite had plush amenities, such as a Jacuzzi and a fireplace.
21. The fancy restaurant had plush tablecloths and elegant place settings.
22. The plush bathrobe and towels in the hotel bathroom were a nice touch.
23. The coach bus had plush seats and plenty of legroom.
24. The soft plush dog was a favorite cuddle toy for children.
25. The hotel bed had plush linens and fluffy pillows.
26. The stage was covered in a plush red carpet for the awards ceremony.
27. The toy store had an entire section dedicated to plush animals.
28. The new car models had plush interiors and advanced technology.
29. The airplane seat had plush cushions and a personal entertainment screen.
30. The luxury yacht had a plush salon and ample living space.

Common Phases

1. The plush carpet was extremely comfortable under my feet;
2. The plush toy made the child feel safe and secure;
3. The plush couch was the perfect spot for lounging;
4. The plush robe felt luxurious against my skin;
5. The plush pillow provided excellent neck support;
6. The plush velvet curtains added an elegant touch to the room;
7. The plush blanket kept me warm on a cold night;
8. The plush seat cushion made the long car ride much more comfortable;
9. The plush bath mat was soft and absorbent;
10. The plush teddy bear was the perfect gift for the toddler.

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