Regard example sentences

Related (15): esteem, consider, view, think, respect, appreciate, acknowledge, reckon, contemplate, notice, observe, scrutinize, examine, ponder, reflect

"Regard" Example Sentences

1. They regarded him with suspicion.
2. I regard him as a close friend.
3. She holds him in high regard.
4. The doctor regards his patients' health as top priority.
5. In many regards, it was a revolutionary idea.
6. I have come to regard you as a mentor.
7. Regardless of the risks, he pursued his dream.
8. Children are often regarded as fragile and in need of protection.
9. He is widely regarded as an expert in his field.
10. She regards her work as a calling, not just a job.
11. They held old-fashioned views in regard to gender roles.
12. He tried to avoid looking at her, for reasons he could not fathom or regard.
13. The scientists gathered new data to regard the theory from a different angle.
14. His opinion was not exactly well-regarded within the firm.
15. I regard this as an honor and a privilege.
16. The teachers should regard each child as an individual.
17. In some regards, advances in technology have improved our lives.
18. Students should regard their studies as an opportunity for growth.
19. I have learned to regard mistakes as learning opportunities.
20. The FBI regards cybersecurity as one of its top priorities.
21. The judge regarded the defendant with a stern countenance.
22. Our customers' satisfaction is regarded as top priority.
23. The ancient customs were deeply regarded by the tribe.
24. She looks up to her aunt and regards her with admiration.
25. The old professor is widely regarded as an expert in the field.
26. We must regard all living things with compassion.
27. In retrospect, I should have regarded the warning signs more seriously.
28. The general regarded his troops with pride.
29. The library is regarded as a sacred place of learning.
30. The museum regards the antique vase as an invaluable artifact.
31. His forward-thinking ideas are highly regarded by scientists.
32. He holds his father in high regard for his wise counsel.
33. Regardless of our differences, we share a common humanity.
34. The data has brought new insights that cause us to regard the problem differently.
35. Experts regard the storm as unprecedented in recent history.
36. Most parents regard safety as their children's top priority.
37. I regard his behavior as improper and offensive.
38. She holds world peace and justice in the highest regard.
39. The teacher tried to regard each student's needs individually.
40. He regarded her with a look of tender affection.
41. Many regard exercise as essential for physical and mental health.
42. I regard honesty as the most important value to teach children.
43. The museum's collection of rare artifacts is greatly regarded.
44. Her smile made him regard the world with new hope.
45. In retrospect, I should have regarded the warning signs with more concern.
46. The data brought new insights that caused them to regard the issue differently.
47. Most people regard market competition as essential for economic growth.
48. The debate challenged contestants to regard the issue from multiple perspectives.
49. Most parents regard their children's safety as top priority.
50. Many people now regard the older traditions as outdated and oppressive.
51. Social psychologists regard self-esteem as vital for mental wellbeing.
52. Society tends to regard introverts as rude or unsocial.
53. She has little regard for authority and convention.
54. In many regards, that was the best vacation of my life.
55. Regardless of their differences, they shared a common goal.
56. The queen regarded her subjects with a benevolent smile.
57. Scientists regard climate change as the most serious threat facing humanity.
58. The ancestors were deeply regarded for their wisdom.
59. I have come to regard exercise as essential for health.
60. I hold your wisdom and counsel in the highest regard.

Common Phases

1. With all due respect - Used to politely express disagreement or contradiction.
2. Hold in high regard - Consider to be worthy of honor and respect.
3. With regard to - Concerning; in relation to.
4. Regardless of - Without being influenced or stopped by.
5. On that note - Used to mean 'in relation to what has just been said'.
6. Much to my/their/his/her regard - Greatly pleasing or gratifying.
7. In any regard - In any respect; to any extent.
8. In this regard - As far as this is concerned; with respect to this.
9. Have little regard for - Consider to be unimportant or undeserving of respect.

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