Scowed example sentences

Related (3): scowl, scowling, scowled

"Scowed" Example Sentences

1. The angry man scowed at the woman who bumped into him.
2. His scowed expression made it clear he was not happy with the situation.
3. The scowed cat hissed at the dog who dared to enter its territory.
4. She scowed at her friend who forgot about their plans.
5. The coach scowed at the players for not giving their best effort.
6. He scowed at the waiter who brought him the wrong order.
7. The teacher scowed at the students who were talking during class.
8. She scowed at herself in the mirror for procrastinating.
9. The little boy scowed at his mom when she told him he couldn't have another cookie.
10. The judge scowed at the defendant who showed no remorse.
11. The boss scowed at the employee who was consistently late for work.
12. The customer scowed at the cashier who was rude to her.
13. The athlete scowed at the opponent who had cheated in the game.
14. The father scowed at his son for lying to him.
15. The lady scowed at the man who cut her in line.
16. The driver scowed at the pedestrian who crossed the street without looking.
17. The baby scowed at the nurse who gave him a shot.
18. The politician scowed at the journalist who asked a difficult question.
19. The singer scowed at the audience who talked during his performance.
20. The employee scowed at his manager for giving him more work to do.
21. The dog scowed at the mailman who came too close to his house.
22. The hiker scowed at the bear who stole his food.
23. The children scowed at each other when they both wanted the same toy.
24. The patient scowed at the doctor who gave him bad news.
25. The teenager scowed at her parents who grounded her.
26. The bride scowed at the wedding guest who spilled wine on her dress.
27. The cyclist scowed at the driver who almost hit him.
28. The farmer scowed at the raccoons who raided his corn field.
29. The soldier scowed at the enemy who had killed his friend.
30. The player scowed at the referee who made a bad call.

Common Phases

1. "She scowed at me as I walked by;"
2. "He scowed fiercely at his opponent in the ring;"
3. "The security guard scowed at the group of rowdy teenagers;";
4. "The teacher scowed at the class for their lack of participation;";
5. "The boss scowed at the employee for making a mistake;"
6. "The customer scowed at the waiter for bringing the wrong order;"
7. "The parent scowed at their child for misbehaving in public;"
8. "The judge scowed at the defendant for their criminal actions;"
9. "The driver scowed at the pedestrian for crossing the street without looking."
10. "The boss scowed at the employee when they made the presentation with errors."

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