Smallest example sentences

Related (10): tiny, mini, microscopic, nanoscopic, infinitesimal, wee, bitty, pygmy, pocket-sized, Lilliputian.


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smallest (superlative adjective)

  - of a size that is less than normal or usual:

  - not great in amount, number, strength, or power:

  - not fully grown or developed; young:

  - (of a voice) lacking strength and confidence:

  - used as the first letter of a word that has both a general and a specific use to show that in this case the general use is intended:

  - insignificant; unimportant:

  - little; hardly any:

  - (of a business or its owner) operating on a modest scale:

  - low or inferior in rank or position; socially undistinguished:


little, compact, bijou, portable, tiny, miniature, mini, minute, microscopic, microscale, nanoscopic, minuscule, toy, baby, poky, cramped, boxy, wee, short, slight, petite, diminutive, elfin, puny, undersized, stunted, squat, stubby, dwarf, bantam, Lilliputian, inadequate, meager, insufficient, ungenerous, big, large, tall, generous, ample, young, younger, junior, baby, infant, minor, big, old, elder, slight, minor, unimportant, trifling, trivial, insignificant, inconsequential, inappreciable, inconsiderable, negligible, nugatory, paltry, infinitesimal, major, substantial, modest, unpretentious, humble, lowly, simple, substantial

"Smallest" Example Sentences

1. That ant is the smallest creature I've ever seen.
2. The baby sparrow was the smallest bird in the nest.
3. The atom is the smallest particle of an element.
4. The smaller fish are its smallest prey.
5. An infant has the smallest hands of any human.
6. The baby kangaroo was the joey, the smallest of its siblings.
7. My daughter has the smallest feet in her class.
8. The germ that caused the illness was the smallest organism I could see under the microscope.
9. The thimble is the smallest item in the sewing kit.
10. The seed was the smallest part of the plant.
11. At only five pounds, the chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog.
12. He has the smallest appetite of anyone I've ever met.
13. The cottage was the smallest house in the village.
14. That was the smallest mistake I have ever made.
15. The kitten only weighed a few ounces, making it the smallest member of the litter.
16. The peanut is one of the smallest nuts.
17. The sunflower seed is the smallest seed I grow in my garden.
18. My wristwatch has the smallest face of all my timepieces.
19. That shot glass holds the smallest amount of any glass in the bar.
20. The microorganism was so tiny it was invisible to the naked eye, making it the smallest living thing I had ever seen.
21. The infant's cry was the softest, smallest sound I had ever heard.
22. The guppy was the smallest fish in the aquarium.
23. The mouse she saw scurry by was the smallest mammal in her garden.
24. My niece has the smallest feet of anyone in our family.
25. The hummingbird is the smallest bird native to North America.
26. The diamond is the smallest gem in the ring.
27. His portion of chips was the smallest of all the players at the poker table.
28. The bantam chicken is the smallest breed of domestic fowl.
29. Her footprints were the smallest I had ever seen.
30. The baby's cry was the smallest sound I had heard that day.
31. The orphanage mainly cared for the smallest, most vulnerable children.
32. The infant squirrel was the smallest of the litter.
33. The dot over the letter i is the smallest letter in the alphabet.
34. That memory holds the smallest space in my mind.
35. The village's population of only 200 made it the smallest town in the county.
36. The betta fish was the smallest fish in the aquarium.
37. Our daughter has the smallest appetite of all our children.
38. The mouse's ears were the smallest I had ever seen on a rodent.
39. My little sister has the smallest hands and feet of anyone in our family.
40. The calf was the smallest of the three cows on the farm.
41. The gnat was the smallest insect I had ever seen up close.
42. The finch was the smallest bird that visited the feeder that day.
43. Her beady black eyes were the smallest I had ever seen on an animal.
44. The flea was the smallest creature she had ever examined under a microscope.
45. The baby's yawn was the smallest stretch of her young life.
46. The shrimp were by far the smallest creatures in the aquarium tank.
47. The paperclip is the smallest office supply in the drawer.
48. The needle is the smallest tool in the sewing kit.
49. My puppy has the smallest appetite of any dog I've ever owned.
50. The twig snapped under her foot with the smallest crack.
51. The kitten let out the smallest meow I had ever heard.
52. The pill is the smallest form of medication.
53. The dollhouse had the smallest furniture the children had ever seen.
54. Their voices had the smallest range of any choir the conductor had directed.
55. The snap was the smallest sound she had heard all day.
56. The button was the smallest item in the box of craft supplies.
57. The key to the safe-deposit box was the smallest key on her key ring.
58. Her footprint was the smallest in the sand.
59. The hummingbird's nest was the smallest nest in the tree.
60. The pin is the smallest fastener in the toolbox.

Common Phases

• Make the smallest difference
• Take the smallest chance/risk
• Give the smallest indication
• Make the smallest effort
• Show the smallest amount of affection
• Express the smallest interest
• Have the smallest impact
• Give the smallest sign of approval
• Give the smallest thought to something
• Command the smallest attention
• Receive the smallest consideration
• Prove/be the smallest obstacle
• Have the smallest chance of success
• Achieve the smallest advantage
• Gain/win the smallest victory
• Pose the smallest possible threat
• Require the smallest amount of effort
• Denote/imply the smallest measure of something
• Incur the smallest expenditure
• Involve the smallest number of people
• Cause the smallest disturbance
• Yield the smallest reward

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