Somewhat example sentences

Related (5): rather, slightly, fairly, moderately, comparatively


[ˈsəmˌ(h)wät, ˈsəmˌ(h)wət] ✕ Play

somewhat (adverb)

  - to a moderate extent or by a moderate amount:


rather, quite, slightly, relatively, comparatively, moderately, fairly, marginally, massively, hugely

"Somewhat" Example Sentences

1. I am somewhat tired after a long day at work.
2. She was somewhat disappointed when she didn't get the job.
3. He is somewhat shy around new people.
4. The food was somewhat spicy, but still delicious.
5. I can only understand somewhat of what he is saying.
6. The weather is somewhat unpredictable this time of year.
7. The teacher gave us somewhat difficult homework assignments.
8. I am somewhat anxious about the upcoming interview.
9. The new project is somewhat challenging, but I think we can handle it.
10. The movie was somewhat confusing, but it had a great soundtrack.
11. She is somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to her work.
12. The scientist's findings were somewhat groundbreaking.
13. He was somewhat late to the meeting due to traffic.
14. The dress is somewhat revealing, but still appropriate for the occasion.
15. The speaker's accent made it somewhat difficult to understand her.
16. The book was somewhat long, but the ending was worth it.
17. The comedian's jokes were somewhat offensive to some members of the audience.
18. I found the museum exhibit to be somewhat underwhelming.
19. The meeting was somewhat tense due to conflicting opinions.
20. The athlete was somewhat nervous before the championship game.
21. The artwork was somewhat abstract and open to interpretation.
22. The new software program is somewhat user-friendly, but takes some time to get used to.
23. The book I'm reading is somewhat of a thriller.
24. The dessert was somewhat too sweet for my liking.
25. His character is somewhat flawed, but that makes him more relatable.
26. The hike was somewhat challenging, but the views were spectacular.
27. The history lesson was somewhat dry, but still informative.
28. Her singing voice is somewhat unique and hard to compare to others.
29. The restaurant was somewhat noisy, but the food was excellent.
30. The job offer was somewhat tempting, but he ultimately decided to decline.

Common Phases

1. The weather is somewhat chilly; I might need a jacket.
2. The movie was somewhat interesting; I fell asleep halfway through.
3. The food was somewhat spicy; I couldn't handle it.
4. The dress is somewhat too big; I may need to get it altered.
5. The test was somewhat difficult; I think I did okay though.
6. The trip was somewhat stressful; but we still had a good time.
7. The book was somewhat long; but I couldn't put it down.
8. The restaurant was somewhat expensive; but the food was delicious.
9. The party was somewhat crowded; but we still had a lot of fun.
10. The car was somewhat old; but it still runs well.

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