Stalemate example sentences

Related (5): deadlock, impasse, standoff, tie, draw

"Stalemate" Example Sentences

1. The peace talks reached a stalemate.
2. Negotiations came to a stalemate.
3. The dispute has reached a stalemate.
4. The game ended in a stalemate.
5. The election resulted in a stalemate.
6. The conflict has reached a stalemate.
7. The battle ended in a stalemate.
8. The debate ended in a stalemate.
9. The arguments had reached a stalemate.
10. The teams played to a stalemate.
11. The negotiations were in stalemate.
12. The war effort was at stalemate.
13. We were at stalemate in the argument.
14. Talks had reached stalemate.
15. We were stuck at a stalemate.
16. The policy discussions had reached stalemate.
17. The boxing match ended in stalemate.
18. The hostage crisis ended in stalemate.
19. The committee was at stalemate.
20. The hostage negotiation ended in stalemate.
21. The logjam had created a political stalemate.
22. The board was in stalemate over the decision.
23. The race ended in stalemate.
24. Ideological differences resulted in stalemate.
25. The military assault ended in stalemate.
26. The opposition resulted in stalemate.
27. We voted to a stalemate.
28. The investigation reached a stalemate.
29. The talks were stuck in stalemate.
30. The game ended in stalemate.
31. Progress toward a solution had ground to a stalemate.
32. The competition ended in stalemate.
33. The vote ended in stalemate.
34. The lawsuit reached stalemate.
35. The affair was deadlocked in stalemate.
36. The legislature was deadlocked in stalemate.
37. Progress was at a stalemate.
38. The jury voted to a stalemate.
39. The issue ended in stalemate.
40. The initiative was caught in stalemate.
41. The soccer match ended in stalemate.
42. The divorce proceedings were stalemated.
43. The team were stalemated in their efforts.
44. The talks were stalemated.
45. The impeachment trial ended in stalemate.
46. The political debate was stalemated.
47. The protests resulted in stalemate.
48. We were stalemating toward a truce.
49. The sides were stalemated over key issues.
50. The race ended in stalemated tie.
51. The hockey game ended in stalemate.
52. The legislature stalemated the bill.
53. The situation had stalemated.
54. The opposition stalemated progress.
55. The jury deliberations stalemated.
56. The senate stalemated the bill.
57. We were stalemated in the argument.
58. The vote was stalemated.
59. The legislation was stalemated.
60. The judiciary were stalemated.

Common Phases

1. The peace negotiations reached a stalemate.
2. The chess match ended in a stalemate.
3. Talks broke down and a stalemate developed.
4. Negotiations are at a stalemate.
5. The debate ended in a stalemate.
6. Stalemate has ensured over the last few months.
7. Both sides remain at stalemate in the dispute.
8. Political differences have led to a stalemate.
9. The labor dispute has reached a stalemate.
10. The board game ended in a stalemate.
11. Efforts at a ceasefire have resulted in stalemate.
12. No progress was made, and stalemate ensued.
13. The conflict remains at stalemate.
14. Progress stalled and a stalemate developed.
15. We are currently in a stalemate position.
16. Attempts to resolve the issue have reached stalemate.
17. The contract talks ended in stalemate.
18. The dispute seems to have reached a stalemate.
19. The policy proposal remained in stalemate.
20. They argued themselves into a stalemate.
21. The discussion deteriorated into stalemate.
22. Negotiations broke down, ending in stalemate.
23. The issue seems to have reached stalemate.
24. A stalemate has existed for some time now.
25. The dispute seems mired in stalemate.
26. We are currently at a political stalemate.
27. The divorce proceedings hit stalemate.
28. The teams remained deadlocked in stalemate.
29. The army sit in stalemate positions.
30. The troops remained in stalemate positions.
31. The hostage crisis reached stalemate.
32. Stalemate continues in the Middle East.
33. The logjam has led to stalemate.
34. Stalemate persists after months of negotiations.
35. Stalemate continues between the two countries.
36. The referee declared the game a stalemate.
37. The strike action resulted in stalemate.
38. They remained at political stalemate.
39. Stalemate now seems inevitable.
40. The deadlock resulted in stalemate.
41. Congress remains in stalemate over the issue.
42. He called for action to break the stalemate.
43. Both parties blamed each other for the stalemate.
44. Failure to compromise led to stalemate.
45. A stalemate has emerged over Brexit.
46. Diplomatic stalemate persists over Kashmir.
47. Talks broke down leaving a stalemate.
48. The match was declared a stalemate.
49. Stalemate continues in the trade dispute.
50. The impasse led to stalemate.
51. Progress stalled, leaving stalemate.
52. Efforts to resolve the crisis hit stalemate.
53. The argument ended in stalemate.
54. We are currently at a political stalemate over the issue.
55. Stalemate has characterized the negotiations.
56. A diplomatic stalemate has ensued.
57. The company remains in financial stalemate.
58. A stalemate position occurred during the game.
59. A deadlock resulted in complete stalemate.
60. Relations are currently at stalemate.

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