Storybook example sentences

Related (8): fantasy, adventure, magical, whimsical, imaginary, folklore, legend, myth


[ˈstôrēˌbo͝ok] ✕ Play

storybook (noun) · storybooks (plural noun)

  - a book containing a story or collection of stories intended for children.

  - denoting something that is as idyllically perfect as things typically are in storybooks:


volume, tome, work, publication, title, opus, treatise, novel, manual, handbook, guide, companion, paperback, hardback, softback, yellowback

"Storybook" Example Sentences

1. The children were delighted to read from the beautifully illustrated storybook.
2. The storybook had a happy ending that brought a smile to everyone's face.
3. The characters in the storybook felt like old friends to the reader.
4. The storybook was passed down from generation to generation.
5. The storybook had been written by a renowned author.
6. The illustrations in the storybook were so lifelike, they seemed to jump off the page.
7. The storybook inspired many young children to pursue their dreams.
8. The storybook was filled with magic and wonder.
9. The storybook was adapted into a popular film for all ages.
10. The storybook had been a childhood favorite of many adults.
11. The storybook had been translated into many languages around the world.
12. The storybook was used to teach children how to read and write.
13. The storybook had become a classic in children's literature.
14. The storybook was so captivating, it made everyone want to read more.
15. The storybook had been written with a moral lesson in mind.
16. The storybook was a cherished possession of the family.
17. The storybook was checked out so many times from the library that it became tattered and worn.
18. The storybook had been signed by the author at a book signing.
19. The storybook brought comfort and joy to many children during difficult times.
20. The storybook was so popular, it was turned into a stage play.
21. The storybook was a great example of how words and images can work together to tell a story.
22. The storybook was given as a gift to a new mother and her child.
23. The storybook was based on true events that had taken place in the past.
24. The storybook was a modern twist on a classic fairy tale.
25. The storybook contained many colorful characters.
26. The storybook was part of a series of books that followed the adventures of the same characters.
27. The storybook was a best-seller for many years.
28. The storybook had a surprise ending that caught the reader off guard.
29. The storybook was the first book the child ever read on their own.
30. The storybook had been inspired by a dream the author had years before.

Common Phases

1. Once upon a time in a storybook world;
2. The storybook characters came to life;
3. The magical storybook transported them to a new world;
4. The adventure began in the storybook kingdom;
5. The storybook tale captured their imagination;
6. The storybook fairytale came true;
7. The storybook romance unfolded;
8. The storybook mystery was finally solved;
9. The storybook hero saved the day;
10. The storybook lesson was learned.

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