Torment example sentences

Related (5): anguish, suffering, agony, torture, distress


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torment (noun) · torments (plural noun)

  - severe physical or mental suffering:

  - a cause of suffering:

  - cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering:

  - annoy or provoke in a deliberately unkind way:


torture, afflict, harrow, plague, distress, agonize, excruciate, crucify, rack, pain, mortify, worry, trouble, abuse, maltreat, mistreat, molest, tease, taunt, victimize, bully, bait, chaff, harass, rib, scorn, irritate, vex, annoy, pester, badger, harry, hector, plague, bother, trouble, bedevil, nag, persecute, worry, nettle, chivvy, irk, encourage, support, Legal

"Torment" Example Sentences

1. The torment of not knowing the truth is unbearable.
2. She couldn't help but feel a constant torment in her heart.
3. The sound of his screams was a torment to the neighbors.
4. The torment of losing a loved one never truly goes away.
5. Watching her suffer was a torment to him.
6. He was tormented by the fear of failure.
7. His past mistakes continued to torment him.
8. The thought of being alone was a torment to her.
9. His addiction had become a torment in his life.
10. The memories of the war were a constant torment for him.
11. The torment of waiting for news was agonizing.
12. The torment of being misunderstood was frustrating.
13. The guilt was a constant torment in her mind.
14. Her abusive ex-husband was a torment to her children.
15. The torment of not being able to help her was crushing.
16. The thought of her leaving was a torment to him.
17. The torment of not knowing if he loved her back was overwhelming.
18. The constant teasing and bullying was a torment to the young boy.
19. The torment of living in poverty was a daily struggle.
20. The torment of losing her job left her feeling hopeless.
21. The torment of not being able to save her marriage was heartbreaking.
22. The cruel remarks from her colleagues were a constant torment.
23. His illness had become a torment to him and his family.
24. The torment of being stuck in traffic made him arrive late to the meeting.
25. The torment of watching her die slowly was unbearable.
26. The torment of not being able to express his feelings left him feeling alone.
27. The torment of being homeless was a harsh reality.
28. The torment of feeling abandoned by her parents followed her into adulthood.
29. The torment of struggling with mental illness was overwhelming.
30. The torment of witnessing injustice in the world made her passionate about social activism.

Common Phases

1. The torment I feel is never-ending; I can't escape it.
2. His constant taunting is a torment to me; I wish he would stop.
3. The torment of losing a loved one is unbearable; my heart aches.
4. I am tormented by my past mistakes; they haunt me every day.
5. The sound of her voice is a torment to me; I can't stand it.

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