Winnowings example sentences

Related (14): chaff, sifted, sorted, threshed, screened, separated, cleaned, culled, picked, gleanings, leftovers, remnants, scraps, sortings.

"Winnowings" Example Sentences

1. The farmer gathered the winnowings into a pile to fertilize his fields.
2. He spread the winnowings across the soil to nourish the crops.
3. The winnowings from the grain harvest were spread out to decompose.
4. The chickens picked through the winnowings looking for stray grains.
5. The dusty winnowings blew across the farmyard on the breeze.
6. With his pitchfork, he tossed the winnowings into the manure spreader.
7. The chaff and winnowings collected in the corners of the barn.
8. After threshing the wheat, the winnowings were heaped in piles.
9. The combine separated the grain from the chaff and winnowings.
10. The small remaining winnowings were gathered for the livestock.
11. They sifted through the winnowings hoping to find an overlooked prize grain.
12. The wind picked up the light winnowings and scattered them through the field.
13. He gathered up the winnowings and placed them in bins for storage.
14. The leftover winnowings made excellent nesting material for the hens.
15. The excess winnowings were given away for use as potting soil.
16. She carefully swept the winnowings into a dustpan to save for later.
17. Herbs sprouted from the nutrient-dense winnowings.
18. The winnowings collected in drifts along fence lines.
19. The shriveled leftover winnowings were repurposed as tinder.
20. The scientist carefully studied the winnowings under the microscope.
21. He collected samples of the winnowings for further testing and analysis.
22. The cultural anthropologist studied the ancient agricultural winnowings.
23. The scarce winnowings were treasured and preserved with care.
24. The historian delved into the historical winnowings for clues about the past.
25. The archeologist sifted through the ancient winnowings searching for pottery shards and tools.
26. The poet likened the gentle drifting of the winnowings to feathers floating on air.
27. The storyteller wove tales from the humble winnowings.
28. The fellahin subsisted on the meager winnowings left behind.
29. The scavengers picked through the overlooked winnowings.
30. The wind carried away the dry winnowings leaving nothing behind.
31. The lonely winnowings were the only remnants of what once was.
32. The humble winnowings contained within them the seeds of potential growth.
33. The winnowings were full of lessons for those who took the time to consider them carefully.
34. The swifts darted and dipped among the swirling winnowings.
35. The workman's thoughtful contemplation of the humble winnowings opened new insights within him.
36. The tiniest grains amid the winnowings held the greatest potential.
37. The memories that arose from the winnowings were both sweet and bitter.
38. The gull hovered over the drifting winnowings, scanning for a quick meal.
39. The granaries were packed full while the winnowings drifted away uselessly.
40. Scavengers quarreled over the meager winnowings left behind.
41. From the humblest of winnowings, new growth could spring forth.
42. The winnowings, though small in themselves, represented the bounty of an entire harvest.
43. He found profundity in the most humble of winnowings.
44. Though small, even the humblest of winnowings served an important purpose.
45. The winnowings lay scattered and forgotten, yet contained multitudes within.
46. The solitary grains within the winnowings yearned for fertile soil in which to take root.
47. She treasured even the smallest winnowings, preserving them with care.
48. There are forgotten lessons in the humblest of winnowings.
49. The winnowings contained multitudes, though few had eyes to see.
50. Hope springs eternal, even among the forgotten winnowings.
51. Wisdom comes from considering even the smallest winnowings with care.
52. Love arises from even the humblest of winnowings.
53. Blessings are found in the most overlooked winnowings.
54. From the dust arose an abundance of life within the humblest of winnowings.
55. Hidden potential waited to be revealed within even the tiniest of winnowings.
56. She was wiser for having considered the humble winnowings with care.
57. The winnowings contained lost memories arising like phoenixes from the dust.
58. New beginnings came forth from the fallow winnowings.
59. Their humble origins could be seen within the simple winnowings.
60. Though few valued them, the smallest winnowings held untold potential within.

Common Phases

1. The leftovers and winnowings
2. The chaff and winnowings
3. Gather up the winnowings
4. Spread the winnowings
5. Scattered winnowings
6. Sifted through the winnowings
7. The humble winnowings
8. The overlooked winnowings
9. Potential within the winnowings
10. Even the smallest winnowings

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