Affirmation example sentences

Related (9): confirmation, declaration, assertion, avowal, proclamation, attestation, statement, testimony, ratification

"Affirmation" Example Sentences

1. She needed an affirmation that everything would be okay.
2. His affirmation of my abilities gave me the confidence to apply for the job.
3. I practice daily affirmations to boost my self-esteem and motivation.
4. You can find affirmation in knowing that you've done your best.
5. She received an affirmation from her boss after a successful project.
6. It's important to surround yourself with positive affirmations to stay motivated.
7. He gave me an affirmation that my hard work would pay off in the end.
8. She used daily affirmations to overcome her anxiety.
9. The affirmation from her mentor made her feel like she was on the right path.
10. Your affirmation of my decision helped me feel confident in my choice.
11. She needed regular affirmations from her partner to feel loved and appreciated.
12. Her constant self-affirmation helped her to stay focused on her goals.
13. They received an affirmation of their worth from the organization's recognition program.
14. The affirmation she received from the audience gave her the courage to pursue a career in music.
15. We can find affirmation in the fact that we are making progress towards our goals.
16. His affirmation that everything would work out helped ease her anxiety.
17. She struggled with self-doubt until she started practicing daily affirmations.
18. A simple affirmation of support can go a long way in boosting someone's confidence.
19. The affirmation of her skills helped her to land her dream job.
20. You can use positive affirmations to overcome negative self-talk.
21. His constant affirmation of their relationship helped to build a strong foundation.
22. The affirmation from her doctor that everything was healthy put her worries to rest.
23. She found affirmation in the fact that she was making a positive impact in her community.
24. His affirmation that he would always be there for her gave her a sense of security.
25. Practicing gratitude affirmations helped her to see the good in every day.
26. The affirmation from her coach that she was a valuable member of the team gave her the motivation to work harder.
27. A simple affirmation of appreciation can make a big difference in someone's day.
28. The affirmation she received from her audience after a performance was the highlight of her career.
29. They needed affirmation that their hard work was making a difference in the world.
30. Her self-affirmation mantra helped her through tough times.

Common Phases

1) I am strong;
2) I am capable;
3) I am confident;
4) I am worthy;
5) I am deserving;
6) I am loved;
7) I am happy;
8) I am successful;
9) I am abundant;
10) I am healthy.

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