Defrosts example sentences

Related (7): melts, thaws, liquefies, softens, unfreezes, dissipates, dissolves


[dəˈfrôst, dəˈfräst] ✕ Play

defrosts (third person present)

  - free (the interior of a refrigerator or freezer) of accumulated ice, usually by turning it off for a period.

  - (of a refrigerator or freezer) become free of accumulated ice, usually by being turned off for a period:

  - thaw (frozen food) before cooking it:

  - remove frost or ice from (the windshield of a motor vehicle).


liquefy, thaw, unfreeze, soften, run, flux, fuse, render, clarify, dissolve, deliquesce

"Defrosts" Example Sentences

1. Sarah defrosts meat for dinner every night.
2. It usually takes about an hour to defrost the chicken.
3. The instructions said to defrost the fish in the fridge overnight.
4. I forgot to defrost the bread for breakfast this morning.
5. The microwave has a defrost setting, so I used that for the frozen vegetables.
6. Can you defrost the ice cream before we eat it?
7. The weather is warm enough now that we don't need to defrost the car before driving.
8. I always defrost my frozen berries before adding them to smoothies.
9. The freezer doesn't seem to be working properly because nothing is defrosting.
10. We need to defrost the freezer because there's too much ice build-up.
11. My mom likes to defrost frozen fruit for a healthy snack.
12. The snow will slowly start to defrost in spring.
13. I never know what to make for dinner when I forget to defrost something.
14. The heat from the oven will help defrost the cookie dough.
15. She defrosts her makeup brushes by washing them in warm water.
16. The meat started to defrost in the car on the way home from the store.
17. The defrost cycle on the refrigerator runs for about 20 minutes.
18. I can't believe how quickly the sun defrosts the snow on the sidewalk.
19. The thawing process defrosts the vegetables without cooking them.
20. We need to defrost the pipes so the water can flow again.
21. The ice on the pond will start to defrost soon as the weather warms up.
22. I'm always nervous about leaving food out to defrost because of bacteria growth.
23. The defrost option on the microwave is so handy for quick meal prep.
24. If we don't defrost the fridge soon, it will stop working altogether.
25. My dad taught me to defrost meat by placing it in a cold water bath.
26. The slow cooker does a great job of defrosting and cooking at the same time.
27. I'm not sure why this chicken is taking so long to defrost.
28. The ice on the windshield defrosts quickly when the car heater is on high.
29. Can you defrost the frozen berries before we make the smoothie?
30. I've tried everything to defrost the ice cream, but it's still too hard to scoop.

Common Phases

1. The refrigerator automatically defrosts;
2. You need to defrost the freezer regularly;
3. The chicken needs to defrost before cooking;
4. The windshield defrosts with the push of a button;
5. The fridge freezer defrosts overnight;
6. The automatic defrost function works efficiently.

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