Imprintorigin example sentences

Related (12): impression, origin, stamp, indentation, birthplace, mark, source, engraving, lineage, signature, etching, provenance.

"Imprintorigin" Example Sentences

1. The imprintorigin of the ancient artifact was still a mystery.
2. The imprintorigin of the baby's first steps was on the soft rug.
3. The scientist was fascinated by the imprintorigin of the dinosaur tracks.
4. The artist wanted to capture the imprintorigin of the landscape in his painting.
5. The fingerprint was the imprintorigin that led to the suspect's arrest.
6. The imprintorigin of the dance was traced back to the tribal rituals of the indigenous people.
7. The shoe print was the only imprintorigin left at the crime scene.
8. The imprintorigin of the logo was designed to represent strength and unity.
9. The forensic team examined the imprintorigin of the tire tracks to determine the vehicle's make and model.
10. The psychological imprintorigin of his traumatic childhood had lasting effects on his behavior.
11. The imprintorigin of the secret society's emblem was shrouded in mystery.
12. The imprintorigin of the footprints on the beach led to a treasure trove.
13. The archaeologist was excited to uncover the imprintorigin of the ancient ruins.
14. The scientists were studying the imprintorigin of the DNA to understand more about genetic diseases.
15. The engraving was the imprintorigin on the metal sword that gave it value.
16. The mystery writer traced the imprintorigin of the clues to solve the crime.
17. The imprintsorigin of the tire tracks on the mud were clearly visible after the rain stopped.
18. The artist's signature was the imprintorigin of his unique style.
19. The crime scene investigator was meticulously examining the imprintorigin of the blood spatter.
20. The shoe print was the imprintorigin that linked him to the scene of the crime.
21. The imprintorigin of the fingerprints on the glass confirmed the identity of the burglar.
22. The forensic team analyzed the imprintorigin of the bullet to determine the type of weapon used.
23. The imprintorigin of the seal on the official document gave it legal authority.
24. The branding iron was the imprintorigin that marked the cattle with the ranch's emblem.
25. The imprintorigin of the tire tracks on the white snow led to the location of the missing hiker.
26. The palm print was the imprintorigin that caught the thief red-handed.
27. The seashell hidden in the sand had an imprintorigin of a spiral pattern.
28. The company's logo was the imprintorigin that made it recognizable among others.
29. The engraving on the locket was the imprintorigin that made it a cherished family heirloom.
30. The imprintorigin on the clay pot indicated that it was made during the Ming Dynasty.

Common Phases

1. Imprintorigin is used to track the origin of a product;
2. The imprintorigin code is vital for identifying the manufacturer;
3. I need the imprintorigin information to determine where the product came from;
4. Every product has a unique imprintorigin code;
5. The government requires companies to provide imprintorigin information on their products;
6. Imprintorigin helps prevent counterfeit products from entering the market;
7. Without the imprintorigin code, it is difficult to trace a product's history;
8. Imprintorigin is essential for ensuring product safety and quality;
9. As a consumer, I always look for imprintorigin information before purchasing a product;
10. Imprintorigin codes are often located on the packaging or labeling of a product.

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