Labyrinthine example sentences

Related (10): maze, convoluted, intricate, complex, confusing, winding, elaborate, serpentine, twisted, tortuous.


[ˌlab(ə)ˈrinˌTHēn, ˌlab(ə)ˈrinˌTHīn] ✕ Play

labyrinthine (adjective)

  - (of a network) like a labyrinth; irregular and twisting:

  - (of a system) intricate and confusing:


mazelike, winding, twisting, serpentine, meandering, wandering, rambling, mazy, sinuous, zigzag, complicated, intricate, complex, involved, tortuous, convoluted, tangled, elaborate, knotty, confusing, puzzling, perplexing, mystifying, bewildering, baffling, inextricable, entangled, impenetrable, thorny, Byzantine, involute, involuted, straightforward, simple, Legal

"Labyrinthine" Example Sentences

1. The maze was so labyrinthine that it took hours to find the exit.
2. The politician's defense strategy was labyrinthine, leading to confusion among the jury.
3. The plot of the movie was so labyrinthine that it was difficult to follow.
4. The castle's labyrinthine layout made it easy for invaders to get lost.
5. The company's organizational structure was labyrinthine, causing many employees to feel disoriented.
6. The network of tunnels was so labyrinthine that it took several trips to fully explore.
7. The web of lies the defendant had woven was labyrinthine, making it difficult for the prosecution to prove their case.
8. The system of rules and regulations was labyrinthine, causing many businesses to struggle with compliance.
9. The city's streets were labyrinthine, making it difficult for tourists to navigate.
10. The novel's plot was labyrinthine, with multiple twists and turns that kept readers engaged.
11. The puzzle was so labyrinthine that only a few people were able to solve it.
12. The defendant's alibi was labyrinthine and hard to verify.
13. The maze of bureaucracy was labyrinthine, leading to frustration and inefficiency.
14. The forest's trails were labyrinthine, making it easy to get lost.
15. The artist's work was labyrinthine, with intricate patterns and designs that were difficult to decipher.
16. The inner workings of the organization were labyrinthine and shrouded in secrecy.
17. The defendant's story was labyrinthine, with multiple conflicting accounts that made it difficult to ascertain the truth.
18. The mountain range was labyrinthine, with many winding paths and treacherous terrain.
19. The legal case was labyrinthine, with multiple witnesses and complex evidence to consider.
20. The spy network's communication system was labyrinthine, making it nearly impossible to intercept messages.
21. The author's writing style was labyrinthine, with convoluted sentences and extensive use of metaphors.
22. The tangle of wires and cords was labyrinthine, making it difficult to identify which ones were needed.
23. The historical records were labyrinthine, with many conflicting accounts and missing pieces of information.
24. The suspect's motive was labyrinthine, with many possible explanations that were difficult to sort through.
25. The company's supply chain was labyrinthine, with many different vendors and delivery routes.
26. The code was labyrinthine, with many complex algorithms and layers of encryption.
27. The ancient ruins were labyrinthine, with many hidden passageways and chambers.
28. The search for the missing artifact was labyrinthine, with many false leads and dead ends.
29. The political maneuvering was labyrinthine, with many different factions competing for power.
30. The scientific theories were labyrinthine, with many intricate concepts and models to understand.

Common Phases

1. The deep, labyrinthine cave was shrouded in darkness; it felt as though we were lost in another world.
2. The labyrinthine maze of city streets made it impossible for us to find our way back to the hotel; we were hopelessly lost.
3. The labyrinthine passages of the ancient palace were filled with mystery and intrigue; we couldn't help but feel as though we were walking through history itself.
4. The labyrinthine tangle of emotions inside me made it hard to know what to do next; I was torn between conflicting desires.
5. The labyrinthine intricacies of the legal system made it difficult for me to navigate my way through the case; I knew I needed a skilled lawyer on my side.

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