Renew example sentences

Related (10): renew, revive, refresh, restore, rejuvenate, rekindle, revitalize, regenerate, replenish, resuscitate


[rəˈno͞o] ✕ Play

renew (verb) · renews (third person present) · renewed (past tense) · renewed (past participle) · renewing (present participle)

  - resume (an activity) after an interruption:

  - re-establish (a relationship):

  - repeat (a statement):

  - give fresh life or strength to; revive:

  - extend for a further period the validity of (a license, subscription, or contract):

  - replace (something that is broken or worn out):


resume, reopen, restart, recommence, reaffirm, reassert, confirm, repeat, reiterate, restate, iterate, ingeminate, revive, regenerate, revitalize, reinvigorate, restore, resurrect, resuscitate, awaken, rejuvenate, stimulate, renovate, extend, prolong, renovate, restore, modernize, redecorate, refurbish, revamp, improve, recondition, rehabilitate, overhaul, redevelop, rebuild, reconstruct, remodel, update, refit, refurnish, Feedback, Legal

"Renew" Example Sentences

1. I need to renew my driver's license before it expires.
2. The company plans to renew its contract with its current supplier.
3. My gym membership is about to expire, so I need to renew it soon.
4. I want to renew my commitment to living a healthier lifestyle.
5. The bookstore offers a service to renew library books online.
6. The artist is looking to renew their creativity by trying a new medium.
7. The lease on our apartment is up soon, and we need to decide if we want to renew it.
8. If we don't renew our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the consequences could be dire.
9. I need to renew my passport before my next international trip.
10. Our church is planning to renew its outreach program to help those in need.
11. I love the feeling of renewal I get in the springtime when the flowers start to bloom.
12. After a long winter, it's time to renew the landscaping in our front yard.
13. If you want to improve your health, you need to renew your commitment to regular exercise.
14. Our marriage is going through a rough patch, but we're both committed to renewing our relationship.
15. The city council voted to renew the contract with the waste management company for another five years.
16. I'm going to renew my efforts to learn a new language this year.
17. It's important to renew your car insurance policy before it lapses.
18. The company decided to renew its focus on employee well-being and mental health.
19. The school is asking parents to renew their commitment to volunteering in the classroom.
20. If we want to renew our democracy, we need to address the root causes of social unrest and disenfranchisement.
21. In order to renew my confidence in myself, I need to set small goals and achieve them.
22. The nonprofit organization is seeking to renew its funding from donors to continue its work.
23. Sometimes it's necessary to take a break and renew your energy and focus.
24. We need to renew our commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.
25. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to renew our friendship, now that we both live in the same city again.
26. Our skin cells constantly renew themselves, replacing old cells with new ones.
27. In the aftermath of tragedy, communities often come together to renew their sense of hope and resilience.
28. The team made a decision to renew their dedication to winning and improving their performance.
29. You can renew your sense of wonder and curiosity by traveling and experiencing new cultures.
30. If you're feeling burned out, it may be time to renew your passion and enthusiasm for your work.

Common Phases

1. Renew your spirit;
2. Renew your energy;
3. Renew your commitment;
4. Renew your focus;
5. Renew your goals;
6. Renew your vows;
7. Renew your relationship;
8. Renew your passion;
9. Renew your strength;
10. Renew your enthusiasm;
11. Renew your purpose;
12. Renew your perspective;
13. Renew your mind;
14. Renew your life.

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