Persist example sentences

Related (11): tenacious, stubborn, determined, unyielding, resolute, unwavering, steadfast, unrelenting, dogged, enduring, lasting.

"Persist" Example Sentences

1. The neighbor's loud music continued to persist late into the night.
2. Police efforts to curb the drug problem in the area have so far persisted with little success.
3. Health officials warn that influenza strains tend to persist from year to year.
4. The professor's constant criticism of her work persisted throughout the semester.
5. Cold temperatures will persist throughout this week.
6. Poor living conditions persist in many developing nations.
7. Flood waters persisted for nearly two weeks before finally receding.
8. Scientists are still working to understand why false memories can persist despite corrections.
9. Climate change is a global threat that will persist for generations if left unaddressed.
10. She persisted in her pursuit of a law degree despite family objections.
11. Glacial melt will persist regardless of short-term fluctuations in temperature.
12. The tradition persisted for generations before finally falling out of practice.
13. The stench persisted for days after the sewage leak contaminated the river.
14. Gender inequality persists in nearly every country around the world.
15. Her interest in birds has persisted since she was a young child.
16. The image of the accident persisted in his mind and haunted his dreams for years.
17. The myth persisted long after it had been disproved.
18. Fears of contagion persisted during the outbreak of the mysterious illness.
19. Economic hardship persisted for years following the crash of 2008.
20. Cynthia persisted in trying to convince her parents to let her get a pony.
21. Species are going extinct at an alarming rate despite efforts to preserve biodiversity that have persisted for decades.
22. The students persisted in cheering despite calls from administrators to quiet down.
23. Poverty often persists for generations within the same families and communities.
24. Gusts of 20 to 30 mph will persist into this evening.
25. Unfavorable conditions are likely to persist for several weeks.
26. Political instability has persisted in the region following the overthrow of the dictator.
27. Eddie persisted in knocking on his parents' bedroom door even after they told him to go back to sleep.
28. The pain persisted for several months before seeing a doctor finally revealed the underlying medical condition.
29. Bullying and harassment persist in schools despite anti-bullying programs and policies.
30. The measure has persisted in various forms for over a hundred years.
31. Attitudes of intolerance persist despite education campaigns promoting social justice.
32. Misconceptions about how memory works persist even among experts.
33. Stereotypes and biases persist through cultural storytelling and media representation.
34. Calls to defund the police have persisted following the killing of George Floyd.
35. Economic turmoil has persisted for years following the global recession.
36. Millions live in poverty despite government programs that have persisted for decades.
37. Partisan divides have persisted and even widened over the past several years.
38. Threats of violence persisted for weeks after the controversial ruling was handed down.
39. Garbage and litter persist on the sidewalks and street corners despite regular cleanups.
40. Widespread corruption has persisted for decades in some countries.
41. Climate scientists warn that global warming will persist for centuries even with dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
42. The scent of her favorite perfume persisted on his jacket for years after she had passed away.
43. Their laughter persisted late into the night.
44. Though antibiotics killed most of the bacteria, some strains persisted and became resistant to the drug.
45. The bad mood persisted through the weekend despite her best efforts at distraction and self-care.
46. The storm persisted through the night, bringing high winds and heavy rain.
47. Noise complaints have persisted for years from nearby residents about the club's late night music and patrons.
48. Smog blankets the city most mornings as industrial pollution has persisted for decades.
49. Social norms of modesty persist even as fashion trends become more revealing.
50. Though disproved many times, conspiracy theories persist due to a lack of critical thinking skills and media literacy.
51. Her persistence in the face of adversity served as an inspiration to others.
52. The effects of generations of discrimination persist today in the form of economic and health disparities.
53. Parts of the speech, though irrelevant, persisted in his memory decades later.
54. The critic's negative review persisted in stifling her ambitions for years.
55. Though easily disproved, rumors persisted and damaged the woman's reputation.
56. Economic inequality has persisted and even grown worse in recent decades.
57. Extreme weather events are likely to persist and worsen due to climate change.
58. Infectious diseases tend to persist in areas with poor sanitation and limited access to health care.
59. Diseases spread more easily when proper hygiene practices do not persist in a community.
60. Though she tried to be optimistic, the doubt persisted in the back of her mind.

Common Phases

1. Persist over time - To continue or endure over a long period.
2. Persist despite - To continue in existence or happen in spite of something that would normally stop or prevent it.
3. Persist through- To continue in existence or happen through or during a difficult or prolonged period.
4. Persist into- To continue into or during a later time or period.
5. Persist throughout- To stay present or occur throughout the whole time or course of something.
6. Persist for years/months/weeks- To go on for or last for a specified amount of time.
7. Persist long after - To continue long after the expected end or point at which it should have stopped.
8. Persists regardless of - Continues to happen or exist in spite of.
9. Persist against all odds - Continue in face of seemingly impossible difficulties.
10. Show persistence - Demonstrate the quality of persisting in or pursuing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

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