Tail example sentences

Related (7): tail, appendage, hindquarters, rump, train, caudal, extremity

"Tail" Example Sentences

1. The cat swung its tail back and forth.
2. The monkey grabbed onto the tail of the lion.
3. He wrapped the rope around his tail as a belt.
4. The alligator lurked just below the surface with its tail sticking out of the water.
5. The kite ran out of string and the tail drifted to the ground.
6. The dog wagged its happy tail when I came home.
7. He shut the boot door on his jacket tail.
8. The mouse squeaked and the cat ran with twitching tail after it.
9. He waited patiently at the end of the line with his tail between his legs.
10. The shark attacked and took a bite out of the fish's tail.
11. The comet had a spectacular tail of glowing plasma and dust.
12. The long snake slithered with its tail dragging behind.
13. She read the book from cover to tail.
14. The dragon breathed fire and swished its spiked tail.
15. The horse swished its tail to keep away the flies.
16. The screw had come loose and the plane's control surface tail was flapping.
17. The fox had its tail between its legs as it slinked away.
18. The skunk raised its bushy tail as a warning.
19. She painted the tail fins of the model plane red and white.
20. The puppy wagged its entire little tail in excitement.
21. The peacock fanned out its brightly colored tail.
22. Tape the ends of the gift wrap to the underside of the package tail.
23. The alligator tailsteering wheelcover added a southern flair to her car.
24. Snip the end of the thread at an angle to start sewing and leave a tail.
25. The dinosaur had a long, spiked tail for defense.
26. The fish tail outfit was a perfect choice for the mermaid birthday party.
27. The whale flicked its massive tail as it dove deep.
28. The kitten batted at the feather toy with its tiny tail straight up.
29. The dragon's whiskers and tail looked quite real in the costume.
30. The rudder and elevators at the tail section of the plane moved.
31. They tied flies onto the end of the fishing line tails.
32. The wreckage had a torn and frayed tail section.
33. The puppy tried to chase its own tail.
34. The comet had trails of dust and gas streaming from its long tail.
35. The boots had long tassels hanging from the tail.
36. The snake coiled its tail around a branch.
37. The countercurrent exchange in the whales' tail flukes helps conserve heat.
38. The rolling log snapped at his heels with its tail.
39. The five on the end of the string is called the tail number.
40. The lizard's tail broke off and wriggled on the ground.
41. His jacket tail caught on the doorknob as he walked through.
42. The bird flitted from branch to branch with a flutter of its feathered tail.
43. The meteor streaked across the sky with a brilliant tail of light.
44. The name on the plaque was the front and center of the list, with the others tailing off behind it.
45. The airplane spun out of control and crashed with a tumbling tailspin.
46. The biplane had two tails, one above the other.
47. The goat butted him with its hard head and sharp horns and whipped him with its tail.
48. The muscular dolphin flicked its tail and leapt high out of the water.
49. The draft horse had a long, thick tail that swished flies away.
50. The handkerchief had a little loose tail hanging from it.
51. The pheasant raised its colorful tail feathers.
52. The beads on the end of the bracelet added some weight and tail.
53. The cheetah used its long tail for balance as it raced after its prey.
54. The golden retriever's tail was wagging so hard it knocked things over.
55. The man wore a long coat with a flowing tail.
56. The scorpion stung him with its tail.
57. The cow swished its long tail at the flies buzzing around.
58. The bird's colorful tail feathers trailed behind it as it took flight.
59. The trout's tail smacked the water as the fisherman reeled it in.
60. The kite string unspooled from the tail spool.

Common Phases

1. Tail between the legs - when someone leaves somewhere in a defeated or ashamed manner.
2. Tail end - the rear or final part of something.
3. Tail lights - the red lights at the back of a vehicle.
4. Tail wag the dog - when a smaller part controls a larger whole.
5. Tie the knot - to get married.
6. Out of tail - if something is no longer in style or fashion.
7. Cut off one's nose to spite one's face - to do something negative to hurt another even though it also hurts yourself.
8. Once in a blue moon - something that happens very infrequently.
9. Give the cold shoulder - to ignore someone deliberately.
10. I'll eat my hat - said when a prediction is very unlikely to be true.

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