Wrest example sentences

Related (11): grapple, struggle, tussle, scuffle, fight, brawl, combat, contend, clash, wrangle, contest.


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wrest (verb) · wrests (third person present) · wrested (past tense) · wrested (past participle) · wresting (present participle)

  - forcibly pull (something) from a person's grasp:

  - take (something, especially power or control) from someone or something else after considerable effort or difficulty:

  - distort the meaning or interpretation of (something) to suit one's own interests or views:

  - a key for tuning a harp or piano.


wrench, snatch, seize, grab, force, prise, peel, pluck, tear, rip, heave, twist, tug, pull, jerk, dislodge, pry

"Wrest" Example Sentences

1. The wrestler used all his power to wrest the opponent down to the mat.
2. He tried to wrest the trophy from his opponent's grasp.
3. She managed to wrest control of the situation from her boss.
4. The CEO had to wrestle with a difficult decision about layoffs.
5. The team had to wrestle with the challenge of a tight deadline.
6. The company's financial troubles were hard to wrestle with.
7. The politician struggled to wrest the support of the local community.
8. The coach had to wrestle with the problem of player injuries.
9. The two students wrestled with each other on the playground.
10. The animal had to wrestle its prey to the ground before devouring it.
11. She tried to wrestle with her fears and overcome them.
12. The organization had to wrestle with a shortage of volunteers.
13. The players had to wrestle with the game's unexpected twists and turns.
14. The wrestler's signature move was to wrest his opponent to the ground.
15. The teacher had to wrestle with a difficult student who refused to cooperate.
16. The candidate had to wrestle with tough questions from the reporters.
17. The union had to wrestle with the company over issues of worker benefits.
18. The weightlifter managed to wrestle the heavy weights into position.
19. The team had to wrest the trophy away from the defending champions.
20. The coach had to wrest control of the team from the players' egos.
21. The company had to wrestle with the challenge of hiring qualified candidates.
22. The captain had to wrestle with the dilemma of whether to play it safe or take risks.
23. The employees had to wrestle with the demands of a fast-paced work environment.
24. The politician had to wrestle with conflicting opinions from his constituents.
25. The soldier had to wrestle with the overwhelming fear of battle.
26. The soccer player had to wrest the ball away from the opposing team's defense.
27. The criminal had to wrestle with the consequences of his actions.
28. The journalist had to wrest the truth from the reluctant sources.
29. The superhero had to wrestle with the villain's evil plans.
30. The student had to wrestle with the complexity of the math problem.

Common Phases

1. The two wrestlers grappled and wrestled for hours; both refusing to give up.
2. He had to wrestle with his conscience before making a decision; he knew the right thing to do but it wasn't easy.
3. The team had to wrestle with a difficult opponent, but they ultimately came out victorious.
4. She had to wrestle her way through the crowded market; it was a struggle to get to the other side.
5. The CEO had to wrest control of the company from his stubborn board members; it was a power struggle.
6. The politicians had to wrestle with the difficult issue of healthcare reform; there were many opposing viewpoints to consider.
7. She had to wrestle with the heavy suitcase up the stairs; it was a tiring task.
8. The athlete was known for his ability to wrestle his opponents to the ground; he was a force to be reckoned with.

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